Eventbrite brings tickets to Apple Watch, Android Wear and Pebble

Apple Watch app display
Eventbrite, the world’s leading self-service ticketing platform, is now available on the Apple Watch, Android Wear devices and Pebble Time. As smartwatches grow in popularity, attendees will be able to display their ticket codes right on their wrist, ready to be scanned at check-in. The new smartwatch functionality will also allow consumers to find events around them and let them buy tickets from their watch.

Exclusive features for Apple Watch

Uniquely available to the Apple Watch is access to Eventbrite Neon, Eventbrite’s at the door tool for organisers on iPads and iPhones, which allows them to monitor ticket sales and at the door check-ins in real time – all by looking at their wrist.

“At Eventbrite, we’re constantly improving the ticket purchase and check-in experience”, says Marino Fresch, Eventbrite’s Head of Marketing in the UK. “Bringing our ticketing technology to wearables is another step in our efforts to remove friction wherever possible, eliminating queues and waiting times for attendees and making vital data available to organisers whenever and wherever they need it.”

An evolution in mobile ticketing

Eventbrite pioneered paperless mobile ticketing in 2011, when the company published its first app for smartphones. Ever since, the ticketing industry has since experienced a tectonic shift towards mobile tickets, with more event organisers offering paperless or mobile e-tickets and more consumers preferring this ticketing method.

“Ticketing on smartwatches is the next evolution in our ongoing efforts to remove friction”, says Fresch. “We are giving people access into events quickly and efficiently, without them even having to reach into their pockets. Having said that, it’s really just the beginning of what we’ll be able to do in the future.”

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