Event Connections partners with Beeline Data Services to offer optimised event data insight to B2B publishers

Andy Barr, Director at Event Connections
Event Connections has announced it has partnered with audience data management software firm Beeline Data Services to offer business to business (B2B) publishers enhanced data insight into their event attendees and subscribers.  
Event registration and management specialist, Event Connections will integrate its specialist software with the range of data services provided by Beeline Data Services to enhance the information available to its B2B publishing clients.

Publishers using the new combined services will be able to get a single customer view of activity, providing comprehensive insight into how subscribers have interacted with their events rather than reviewing data on subscription and event registration separately. This single customer view provides significant value to publishers, enabling them to enhance their event experiences and offer more tailored advertising and sponsorship packages thanks to the comprehensive data insight across events and other activity.  

Andy Barr, Director at Event Connections, comments: “This is an exciting new partnership that allows Event Connections and Beeline to play to each of our strengths and give a one-stop solution to B2B publishers. Our connected systems work in the background to ensure that publishers can offer the best possible experience to visitors, sponsors and advertisers.”  

Managing Director at Beeline Data Services Daniel Verrells, adds: “We recognise the ever-increasing need for B2B publishers to stretch their brand into different media and face-to-face is a great way to provide a platform for advertisers to create relationships with potential clients. The added value allows us to maintain our single customer view ethos to provide the publisher with a full picture of where the audience interacts with the brand. We are delighted to partner with Event Connections – a company with such an impressive list of brands they have worked with in the past.”  

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