Egencia to launch new expense product suite

Open partnerships in expense management foster innovation

Egencia®, the business travel company of Expedia, Inc., plans to launch a suite of expense management products for the modern business traveller. After revolutionising the booking experience through technology, Egencia is bringing this innovative spirit to the world of expense management.

“Egencia is taking a new approach to expense management,” says Rob Greyber, President Egencia. “Working together with forward-thinking partners, who value innovation like we do, we can deliver an open, intuitive solution to the industry and business travellers.  That’s the future.  That’s our goal.  That’s business travel (and expense) for the Expedia generation.”  

The Egencia expense management suite will consist of:
  • Egencia Open Sync. Through this new Egencia product, travellers will be able to consolidate receipts and credit card transactions directly in Egencia, and then feed them in one-click into their expense system. This product is currently in beta and will be piloted with a select group of customers and expense partners in the coming weeks.

• Egencia Open Connect Platform. This platform is based today on a powerful set of APIs (application program interfaces) that feed an ecosystem of Travel and Expense, Traveller Risk Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning partners. Egencia is extending this reporting and data management infrastructure with enhanced functionality; including the ability to extend the platform to new partners.

• Egencia Integrated Travel and Expense. Egencia will expand its offering to provide a fully integrated travel and expense management solution to create an end-to-end experience that captures booking, fulfilment and expense. Egencia’s first fully integrated expense management partner will be its affiliate Traveldoo, with other expense providers to follow.  

For more information on the Egencia expense management suite, stop by the stand at the Business Travel Show in London February 22 & 23.