dimedis launches FairMate LeadTracking App 3.0

FairMate LeadTracking App 3.0 in action
New lead-tracking app for digital registration of booth visitors at trade fairs – First applications at Anuga 2017 and imm cologne 2018
The software company dimedis has released a new version of the FairMate LeadTracking App for Android and iOS systems. The new version, 3.0, comprises both graphic and functional improvements. The FairMate LeadTracking App registers booth visitors digitally at trade fairs and events. By scanning a QR code on the visitors’ badges or their admission tickets, their contact information is saved automatically on the exhibitor’s smartphone.

The FairMate LeadTracking App 3.0 has already been used successfully by Koelnmesse at the trade fairs Anuga 2017 and imm cologne 2018.

The innovations include the ability to configure the app to suit individual requirements. This allows trade fair logos, claims and the colors in the main menus and the navigation bar to be adapted individually to suit the corporate identity of the event, and the help section to be configured with freely selectable external links. 

The home screen of new FairMate LeadTracking App 3.0: the entire design can be freely adapted to suit the corporate identity of a trade fair.

Exhibitors can supplement the visitor data with additional, individual information such as memos of meetings, or create groups using “tags”. The exhibitors then use the app to send the contacts to an e-mail address of their choice for further processing. By using the FairMate LeadTracking App, there is no need to manually enter the contact data gathered at a later point of time. The visitor data is available in digital form and excellent quality immediately for further sales and marketing activities. 

Using the FairMate LeadTracking App, exhibitors record all important contact information for a visitor by simply scanning a QR code.

Wilhelm Halling, managing director at dimedis, talking about the use of the FairMate LeadTracking app at the imm cologne: "We are really pleased that, with the FairMate LeadTracking App, a further FairMate module is now being used to provide comprehensive visitor and trade fair management at such an important trade show as the imm cologne. Like the previous version, the new app proved itself to be exceedingly performant and was also able to cope with very high scanning frequencies at all times, thus enabling the exhibitors to collect data about their booth visitors efficiently. With the app, FairMate now not only supports visitors and exhibitors with the registration process and ticket sales but also with events on the spot, thus clearly illustrating the character of the comprehensive all-in-one solution.”

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