Comair Limited signs new multi-year full content renewal agreement with Travelport

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Travelport, the leading Travel Commerce Platform, and Comair Limited today announced the renewal of its long-term full content agreement.  
Founded in 1946, Johannesburg-based Comair is a South African airline offering domestic and regional services to destinations in South Africa, Mauritius, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Since 1998, the company has operated as a South African franchise of British Airways, offering a premium service under the British Airways brand and livery, with bookings available through the website.

Comair also wholly-owns the Johannesburg-based South African LCC, which offers an extensive domestic network.  

Under the renewed agreement, Travelport will continue to support Comair by providing over 68,000 Travelport-connected agencies servicing hundreds of millions of consumers around the world with real-time access to search, sell, and book its full content and inventory. Comair will also continue to be one of over 250 global airlines using Travelport’s Rich Content and Branding merchandising tool, which gives agencies and travel bookers a graphically rich experience when searching for and booking branded fares.  

As the only global distribution system (GDS) to be certified by IATA as a “Level 3” Aggregator under its New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative, Travelport will soon further help Comair by giving it the opportunity to create NDC connections and display NDC-based airline content on its platform.  

Commenting on the renewed agreement, Shaun Pozyn, Marketing, Loyalty and Customer Experience Head at Comair, said: “This renewed partnership offers great growth potential for us and demonstrates our commitment to deliver consistent value, reliability, and professionalism. By providing our travel agency partners with strong visuals and detailed descriptions of our products and services – just like on our websites, Rich Content and Branding helps ensure Comair continues to gain market share in the Southern African aviation and travel industry.”  

Philip Saunders, Vice President, Air Commerce, Europe Middle East and Africa at Travelport added: “We are delighted Comair continues to recognize the value of Travelport’s innovative technology leadership and best in class merchandising tool. We are looking forward to continuing to deliver branded fares to our wide network of agency partners in order to help the airline meet its growth objectives while accelerating Travelport’s position in the South African travel industry.”

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