Catchbox revolutionises engagement at InfoComm 2016 event, Las Vegas

Helping to increase engagement at InfoComm 2016, L-R Egils Zanderz, Head of Partner Sales; Sofia Nikolaeva, Business Development and Timo Kauppila, CEO and Co-Founder.
Catchbox, the company that created the world’s first throwable wireless microphone, revolutionised levels of engagement at InfoComm 2016 held in Las Vegas.  
The organisers of InfoComm 2016, one of the world’s largest AV events, were so delighted with the way Catchbox transformed discussions in its interactive and educational sessions that they plan to use them again at next year’s event in Orlando, USA.

Catchbox provided 12 of its throwable devices at InfoComm 2016, held from 4th to 10th June and attended by over 40,000 people from 110+ countries.  

Catchbox devices were used at a number of educational and interactive sessions held throughout the six-day show which included Essentials of AV Technology, How to Effectively Manage AV Staff, Future Technologies and The Inside Scoop from Silicon Valley.  

Chuck Espinoza, InfoComm Staff Instructor and Certified Technology Specialist in Design and Installation, CTS-D & CTS-I, comments: “I would say we had 10 to 15 times more student engagement than last year when we weren’t using Catchbox for our educational sessions.  The fact that I could look to a student who was hesitant to participate, and throw the mic to them made a huge difference. They could answer, and throw it to the next person in line. It was no longer an interaction between just me and one attendee - it wasn’t ping pong any more, it was volleyball.”  

“I was also interested in the technology behind it as a Certified Technology Specialist in Design and Installation (CTS-D and CTS-I) and an Audio professional. Why didn’t this thing make noise when it was whooshing through the air or when it was caught. It was quiet when thrown, and gated on quickly enough when the student caught it, without cutting the sound off,” he adds.  

Timo Kauppila, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchbox comments: “This show was a huge success for us. The organisers said it revolutionised the way people communicated, especially during the educational sessions and the conference.  

There was a fantastic reaction to our Catchboxes being thrown into the audiences at various events throughout the six day period. We increased the level of audience engagement substantially as well as the activity as our Catchboxes encourage delegates to move and stand up. Everyone we spoke to agreed that Catchbox provides a fun way to give the audience a voice at an event, even at one of InfoComm’s magnitude,” he added.  

Catchbox devices were used at InfoComm after the organisers spotted them at another event and the company also exhibited with its own stand. The Catchbox stand at InfoComm 2016 included a range of demonstrations to show visitors the scope of the product.  

The unique Catchbox device, created in Finland by entrepreneurs, Timo Kauppila, Pyry Taanila and Mikelis Studers in 2012, has already got thousands of people talking with its ability to give a voice to audiences of all sizes.  

The company has recently expanded its EU and North America operation to Australia and New Zealand in response to demand from event organisers in the region.

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