Artificial intelligence event matchmaking app specialist Grip launches first registration API integration

Image of the Grip interface
Grip, the company which created the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) event networking solution today announces the launch of its API (Application Programme Interface) to enable registration providers to integrate into the matchmaking engine.

Grip’s artificial intelligence powered matchmaking platform, which empowers professionals to maximise their networking potential at events, is the first matchmaking engine to simplify the event registration process with the ability to integrate with any registration provider through GEMA APIs (Grip Embedded Matchmaking Engine Algorithm). This will make it possible for event businesses and registration providers to integrate easily and avoids using multiple spreadsheets and XML connections. Grip predicts this will quickly become an industry standard as five companies have already signed up to the newly launched API including exclusive networking community Founders Forum.

Tim Groot, CEO of Grip explains: “The launch of our new registration API will prove to be of great value to event businesses as organisers no longer have to go through the laborious task of searching for registration providers. We have only just touched on the possibilities of the new API and will continue to adapt it over the coming months. We hope to increase app adoption at future events by sending out personalised “who you should meet” emails to attendees from the information we gain through registration.”

Earlier this year Grip also launched its first matchmaking API which now makes it possible for event applications to integrate its matchmaking engine into their own apps. This combined with the new registration API makes Grip the first matchmaking engine to provide a link between registration and event app providers. This simplifies the registration process by enabling  event app providers to integrate once with Grip instead of multiple times.