Arinex partners exclusively with DoubleDutch to lead the industry in event service and marketing technology

Arinex Platform Grows with Data and Insights from Best-in-Class U.S. Event Marketing System, DoubleDutch
Arinex, Australia’s leading event and conference management company, is proud to announce plans to deepen ties with U.S.-based DoubleDutch, the world’s most sophisticated event marketing platform. With DoubleDutch, Arinex is uniquely positioned to become Australia’s sole events expert, with end-to-end event management and data-driven attendee insights.

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement platform, offering actionable marketing data, combined with the Arinex service and organization technology, brings event optimization and attendee engagement to the forefront of the user experience.

“Arinex is excited to be the exclusive servicing partner for DoubleDutch in the Australian region. We have taken the world class DoubleDutch mobile event app experience and combined it with award winning Arinex products to provide a tightly integrated solution that benefits and provides the best possible experience to end users such as event managers and conference delegates,” says Arinex Pty Ltd CEO, Tamara Kavalec. “This is delivered to clients in a consultative manner by Arinex using years of conference management insight and experience.”

The Arinex eOrganiser Suite of solutions for program management, interactive digital poster presentation, event mobile apps, and speaker presentations is more powerful, interconnected and data-rich when paired with the DoubleDutch platform. The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform leverages attendee data to actively inform event flow from the planning stages to event actualization. DoubleDutch provides insight into attendee behavior and engagement, allowing event professionals to keenly measure ROI to improve business strategies.

“We are excited to expand our international reach and continue to lead the industry with more valuable, data-driven event platform insights,” says DoubleDutch CEO, Lawrence Coburn. “This partnership will bring a vital, data-rich program to the existing Arinex technology suite and propel both companies to be the best event platform in the Australian market.”

Arinex will build upon the DoubleDutch attendee model, capitalize on the flexibility and precision of the platform, and expand the Live Engagement technology to better serve Australia’s marketing professionals. This will allow customers to target potential attendees, drive event app adoption and glean powerful engagement insights from their events in real time.

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