Amadeus UK Enhances Amadeus Ticket Changer to transform travel agency ticketing agents into super heroes

Amadeus UK has announced the latest enhancements in Amadeus Ticket Changer, an automated suite of products that enables travel professionals to efficiently manage re-pricing, re-issuing or refunding requests in a matter of minutes.   
These new functionalities are included with the launch of Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund and Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary, which are designed to automate and simplify the refund process and involuntary reissue of tickets when required.

These powerful, yet simple to use tools allow travel sellers to provide airline-like capabilities to boost their customer service skills, reduce time-consuming manual tasks and unlock new post-sales revenue opportunities.  

With an estimated 5-10% of all airline tickets being refunded, Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund allows agents to automatically calculate refunds to accelerate the process, while delivering impressive productivity gains for organisations.  

Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary, on the other hand, allows ticketing consultants to process involuntary reissue of tickets in a single, fast, automated transaction. This new functionality, which is unique to Amadeus, will prove beneficial when, for instance, there is a disruptive weather event or an airline schedule change that requires passengers to be rebooked or rerouted. Instead of having to queue up at a ticket desk or wait for an airline call centre to deal with the issue, empowered travel agents can now effectively manage the situation on behalf of their customers.  

These new improvements add to the Amadeus Ticket Changer suite, which can already process voluntary ticket changes in less than a minute and reissue tickets with guaranteed pricing results on over 100 airlines across the world, while handling multiple requests at once.  

The rollout of this new technology will be supported by an educational campaign for travel agents and a competition, which offers a chance to win one of five £100 cinema vouchers or create a personalised superhero themed newspaper front page. Additionally, the campaign website, offers interactive e-learning tools to help travel agents learn how they can make the most of Amadeus Ticket Changer and handle ticketing requests more efficiently.

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