Amadeus launches Amadeus Automation Suite to boost travel agent productivity

Launch customer Barrhead Travel to adopt new technology across its UK outlets

Today Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, announces the launch of Amadeus Automation Suite with Barrhead Travel as a pilot customer. The Amadeus Automation Suite offers a bundle of touchless solutions which help travel agents and tour operators unlock valuable efficiency savings by significantly reducing the time spent on time consuming manual ticketing, scheduling and administrative tasks.

Developed specifically for the UK & Ireland, the technology delivers key business benefits such as reducing operational costs, boosting productivity and improving quality of work by allowing more efficient use of time and resources.  

Barrhead Travel is the first customer using Amadeus Automation across its UK outlets.  

“With 40 years in the travel industry, Barrhead Travel is committed to continuously innovating with technology to deliver exceptional customer experience. As we are expanding further in the UK, we need robust technology that can help us improve efficiency, while allowing our staff to focus on driving innovation and delivering better customer experience. Amadeus Automation Suite was the perfect fit for our requirements and we are looking forward to working with Amadeus to drive further improvements across our business,” said Mark Brock, Associate Director at Barrhead Travel.  

The Amadeus Automation Suite is a web service built around three configurable modules, which are fully compatible with other Amadeus solutions. These include:
• Ticketing manager: Automates ticket issuance and quality checks as well as sending traveller documentation if required.
• Schedule manager: Analyses schedule changes and prioritises required actions according to set parameters. The tool automatically updates the booking and notifies travellers of schedule changes, saving valuable time for travel agents
• Queue cleaner: Automatically cleans and updates bookings held on queues  

Commenting on the launch Rose Fernandez, Director Marketing at Amadeus UK & Ireland, said: “Amadeus Automation Suite provides travel agents and tour operators with a key competitive advantage that allows forward looking organisations such as Barrhead Travel to work smarter and more efficiently.  In today’s highly competitive environment technology innovation is essential for driving business success and we are excited about working with travel organisations to help them drive better productivity and achieve their business goals.” 

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