Acrotrend launches ‘Building Culture of Curiosity in your Events Data’ campaign

Acrotrend MD, Sandeep Mendiratta
Acrotrend, a globally-operating customer insight and analytics consultancy with clients including UBM, Reed Exhibitions, BNP Paribas, Nuffield Health and Cancer Research UK, is looking to partner with five exhibition organisers to take part in a new data campaign for event organisers.

The ‘Building Culture of Curiosity in your Events Data’ campaign has been designed to help event organisers tap into the potential of the data they hold and push the boundaries of the information they receive from the visitors to their events. Acrotrend wants to create a mindset where event organisers ask questions of their data and use it to help make better events.  

Acrotrend MD, Sandeep Mendiratta, says: “Event organisers would be surprised how much information and insight is sat currently untapped in the port of data within their events. This data is so valuable and could include things such as: “who are the people that aren’t reading my marketing collateral?”, “who are the people that are disengaged with my brand?” “who are the people that are interested in my content, but not coming to my event?”.  

“We want to champion a culture of curiosity in event data and help organisers think and explore their data in unusual and unexpected ways. Going beyond the dashboards and empowering marketing and sales teams to ask questions to unearth answer hidden behind data. This not only helps create better events and make better business decisions based on the information, behaviours and insights of their audiences but also create more avenues to monetise data.”  

Acrotrend is offering five exhibition organisers a free one-hour workshop in which we will come into their environment and work with the team to explain the value of becoming more curious about their event data. The session will explain how thinking about data differently can help improve the KPIs of the event performance significantly and also explore the KPIs they would like to improve to achieve the goals for their events.

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