A simple way to travel: a mobile one-stop shop to plan, book, and enjoy your journey

Most travellers spend hours researching and booking flights and hotels to plan their journey. They then separately have to look into transportation options, restaurants, and other points of interest to fill their schedules, which is both time-consuming and, if they’re unfamiliar with the area, stressful and overwhelming.

But imagine a one-stop shop where your entire journey is booked, with options given for points of interest and suggestions on how to get there. Thanks to Amadeus and Uniglobe, that’s now a reality.  

Seeking to make travel easier, Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, announces that Uniglobe has selected the Amadeus mobile solution for travel agencies in Western Europe to develop “Trip Access”, a mobile app that puts the entire journey at travellers’ fingertips.  

Simplicity is the key for this app. Once you book a trip, the information is stored in your smartphone. A side benefit of this is less time wasted looking for email confirmations and e-tickets and more time enjoying the trip. You can also check in to flights using the app, and get real-time flight notifications.  

During the trip, travellers can get an overview of the entire trip via a timeline – and can manually add in anything they have booked themselves. The app also suggests points of interest – and how to get there. Personalised content ensures you make the most of your trip.  

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important in the travel industry – mobile accounts for most of the overall growth in travel bookings since 2014, with 45% of all bookings expected to be done through mobile by 2018. It’s key for travel providers and booking agents to offer opportunities to plan and book through mobile apps if they want to succeed.  

Commenting on the rise of mobile, Uniglobe’s Patrick Hooft, Vice President & Director of Operations said, “Uniglobe recognises that mobile is an important channel to be present in to succeed in the future as more and more travellers are dependent on their smartphones. Our new mobile offering will allow travel agencies to continuously engage their travellers before, during and after the trip, which increases customer loyalty and opportunities for future sales in this new channel.”  

Personalised content, more convenient booking, and itinerary management options all add up to a simplified travel experience. What’s more, Amadeus and Uniglobe say it’s only the first step in a jointly created mobile strategy to increase mobile services.  

“Choosing Amadeus as the partner to develop the mobile app of Uniglobe Travel is a great endorsement of Amadeus’ capability to deliver white-label mobile technology for travel agency customers,” said Champa Magesh, Managing Director at Amadeus UK & Ireland.  

“We are committed to developing best-of-class technology to help our customers meet the emerging needs of today’s travellers and grow their business. Mobile booking represents a huge opportunity for the industry and we are excited to be at the forefront of innovation in this space,” she added.  

Trip Access is already available on the Apple iTunes store and as a mobile web app. It will be demoed at the Business Travel Show in London on 24th and 25th February.

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