39% of events organisers still believe they have a lot to learn about apps

Despite 81% of event planners saying they had used engagement technology as part of their work, 39% regarded themselves as ‘beginners or novices’ when it comes to event apps, according to a recent live poll taken by Lumi. A small, but significant 12% said they ‘knew nothing’ about them.

The poll, taken at the beginning of an event for conference and meetings organisers from Europe, the US and South Africa, also revealed that only around 15% feel ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’ when gathering data to show RoI on engagement technology.  

“These stats back Lumi’s theory that event and engagement apps are now reaching a more sustainable and serious place in the market. The fact that so many event organisers in our poll have already used engagement apps represents the initial enthusiasm of the market, leading to hype and market crowding. However, now the market has crystallised and organisers recognise that there is more to know and learn if the apps are going to be around for the long term,” says Peter Eyre, Managing Director in the UK at Lumi.  

When asked about the perceived barriers to adopting engagement technology 42% said ‘wi-fi at the venue’, with 39% citing ‘attendees not knowing how to use the app’. 76% said that an introduction by the event host was the best way to get people to use an app.   

“Lumi has long experience of helping clients ensure their events – including the wi-fi – run smoothly and have established the best ways to optimise utilisation of technology,” says Peter.

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