21 metric tonnes of paper saved at events by using Poken

Poken, the Green Event Platform, today announces that over 21 metric tonnes of paper were saved at events in 2014, by replacing paper brochures and business cards with its Poken device.  
Poken’s event tools allow exhibitors to make their company and sales literature available to participants for digital collection.  By uploading their documents to a cloud-based service, exhibitors’ marketing collateral is then instantly available for pick-up by attendees at a show, using a mobile phone or an interactive USB stick which Poken provides attendees.

The device that exhibitors use, called a Poken Touch Point, is a digital sticker than enables event attendees to collect digital information, such as company and sales literature, social media links, or video, by simply touching their event badge or USB stick, to the Touch Point. The digital information contained in the Touch Point, loaded up by the exhibitor using a simple web interface, is sent automatically to the visitors’ email or can be accessed through an online web portal.  

In 2014 Poken recorded 1.94m instances where people had collected documents digitally using its platform at events, which saved a total of 3.88m pages being printed. The company also recorded 2.18m instances where event visitors used Poken to network and exchange digital business cards, eliminating the need for some 4.5m printed business cards.  

Stephane Doutriaux, CEO of Poken, says: “A typical trade show can generate the equivalent of 170 trees worth of paper in waste and electronic copies of brochures or event apps are cheaper, more environmentally friendly and far more effective methods of getting information to audiences.  

“At Poken we believe there are many advantages to going paperless beyond the sustainability benefits. Often overlooked are real opportunities to save on event costs, and increase convenience. Moreover, when you digitalise your marketing approach a wealth of metrics also becomes available, which means you know exactly who collected what, where and when. This then enables you to follow up leads in more targeted and engaging ways.”  

Poken experienced 40% revenue growth in 2013, and 96% growth in 2014, showing that there is increasing interest in greening events.

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