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Lausanne Montreux Congress announces Lausanne’s entry to the Energy Cities Alliance (ECA)

Lausanne Montreux Congress venue
Lausanne Montreux Congress are proud to announce that Lausanne, Switzerland has joined the marketing consortium of international cities focused on energy and sustainability
Lausanne Montreux Congress (LMC) the collaboration of the Swiss regions of Lausanne and Montreux is proud to announce that one of their key partners, the SwissTech Convention Centre (STCC) has become the newest member of the Energy Cities Alliance (ECA).

The Energy Cities Alliance (ECA) is a partnership of organisations working together to promote the need for sustainable energy solutions and endorsing conferences and exhibitions that are located in greatest powerhouse economies around the world. The Alliance now in its 11th year, are delighted to welcome Lausanne’s SwissTech Convention Centre (STCC) as the newest member into the consortium following their dedication to the energy sector and energy focused future.  

The integration of the SwissTech Convention Centre, came from their dedication to energy-related events and raising awareness of the increasing need for sustainable energy solutions.  

This is the result of ongoing work and discussions between LMC and the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), with the SwissTech Convention Centre being one of four convention centres in the LMC partnership. LMC will continue to support the Alliance and work with the SwissTech Convention Centre as part of their partnership and look forward to the bright future in joining the consortium.  

Speaking of the announcement: Professor Laloui from EPFL Energy department, Lausanne:   “The integration of the SwissTech Convention Center EPFL into the Energy Cities Alliance is very much aligned with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne’s (EPFL) objective of raising awareness of the importance of the energy transition and LMC’s focus on sustainability and cleaner forms of energy.”  

The announcement was made alongside the 57th International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Congress, after a board meeting in Abu Dhabi.  

Lausanne is a city that has continuously fostered sustainability and innovation towards the growth industry sectors and made energy and environment one of their five innovation sector pillars.

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