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Green Globe recertifies Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne on its Gold Membership

Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne
Green Globe congratulates Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne on its Gold Membership status marking five years of continuous certification.
Nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland is Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne which features stunning views of the lake and the French Alps. The hotel has comfortable, modern rooms as well as meeting rooms and venues. Restaurants and the bar have terraces with views over Lausanne harbor and the mountains.

Nathalie Roux, Environmental Officer at Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne said, “As a Green Globe certified hotel, Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne actively contributes to preserving the planet and to minimize impacts on the environment. Over the years, we have been producing excellent results in energy savings on our electricity, water and gas consumption. Our sustainability commitment also includes efficient waste management and the involvement of all employees in our day-to-day operations.

“All of the Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne team are very proud to have achieved a score of 84% this year,” added Ms. Roux.

Sustainable practices are of major importance at the Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne. A new wing, added to the hotel in 2012, complies with Swiss “Minergy” standards. The building has solar panels, reversible heat pumps and new boilers were installed along with centralized ventilation. Major renovations are currently underway in various sections of the hotel with others planned for the future. To cut energy usage and carbon emissions, windows have been replaced with triple glazed ones and lifts with new technology have been installed.

Other energy saving measures include the replacement of all incandescent lights with energy efficient bulbs and the use of key card devices in guest rooms. Furthermore, weekly calculations of electricity, water and gas consumption are recorded and monitored.

Water from the lake is used to cool all guest rooms and public areas as well as compressor units. While all rooms, kitchens, toilets and fitness areas are fitted with water-saving devices.

Waste management strategies are carried out daily. Dry and wet garbage is sorted as well as recyclable glass, paper and metal materials. In kitchens, oils are treated and converted into biofuel.

To protect the surrounding environment, eco-friendly soap and shampoo dispensers are used in guest rooms. Environmentally friendly amenities are also available. The hotel prefers eco-labeled cleaning products.

Local and seasonal ingredients are used in the restaurant kitchens and as part of catering packages for Green Meetings. Mövenpick Fair Trade coffee is also offered during breaks.

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