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Geneva caters specially for women visitors

Bid to be their preferred destination

Geneva, Switzerland, has been voted Europe's leading city break destination and is now aiming to become the preferred destination for female travellers. Geneva Tourism has just launched a ‘Geneva Girls Guide’.

It can be of great assistance to all-women groups or for use by event organisers aiming to create any special leisure or incentive programme for female delegates. The Guide is available in English and French and, apparently, works well in combination with another offer from Geneva: the 100% girlie weekend package called ‘SO’GLAM’.

Geneva is beautifully located between lake and mountains and can offer a wide range of wellness activities, prestigious brands as well as a choice of local designers, luxury hotels, gastronomic experiences and highly regarded beauty clinics.

Vincent Dubi, Marketing Director of Geneva Tourism, says that as a destination Geneva caters for women's every wish. He believes that this is the first time a tourism office has developed such a comprehensive guide specially dedicated to women.

The Geneva Girls' Guide is divided into eight sections: Shopping; Beauty and Wellness; Activities; Restaurants; Going out; Brunch, Tea and Coffee; Comfort Food; and the Perfect Weekend. It has been compiled by women for women, based on valuable input from local female ambassadors who are passionate about their city and its incredible, cosmopolitan offering.

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