WTM® Africa fights to raise awareness of rhino conservation with partner, Rhino Art Project

As the globe focuses on World Rhino Day today, WTM® Africa together with Project Rhino KZN, hope to illustrate the importance of Rhino conservation, not only in South Africa and its surrounds, but globally through their ongoing partnership.
World Rhino Day has become a global phenomenon that celebrates all five species of rhino: Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos. World Rhino Day has brought together NGOs, zoos, cause-related organizations, businesses, and concerned individuals from all over the world for this special day.

Project Rhino KZN’s key objectives are to “let the children’s voices be heard” and is considered to be the most successful youth-art conservation initiative ever undertaken. The aim is to use these messages from the youth as a worldwide call-to-action against rhino poaching. At the 2014 Rhino Conservation Awards, Rhino Art was recognized by the Game Rangers Association of Africa for its education and community awareness efforts.

The aim of the Rhino Art Project is to visit 80 schools in the Isimangaliso area and educate the children on the importance of Rhino Conservation. This is done through a simple art project that allows the children to express their hearts and minds messages about rhino conservation in a fun and unique way. This Project has proven to be very effective in educating the youth about the importance of protecting our animals from harm. This project also allows those less fortunate to be able to able to voice their opinions and be able to have fun in a unique way.

General Manager for WTM® Africa, Chardonnay Marchesi says: “As the rhino population continues to diminish throughout Africa, it’s vital that we collectively strive to raise awareness of poaching on a global platform. Through our partnership with Project Rhino, WTM® Africa aims to play its part in the fight against Rhino poaching, facilitating change on the continent.”

The world Rhino Project is heading to Vietnam as their youth representatives have been selected for their leadership skills because of their great efforts of activism against rhino poaching in 2014 and 2015 at the world youth rhino summits. They will be heading to Vietnam to present the World Youth Wildlife Declaration to Asian government representatives. These youth will also engage with the Vietnamese youth to give insight into their own personal experiences of dealing with the Rhino poaching crisis that is currently happening in South Africa.

World Rhino Day educates people on the dangers of rhino poaching and the harm that is caused to one of the distinctive big five in South Africa. It is imperative for organizations such as Project KZN to educate society and the rest of the world on the current crisis that South Africa is currently facing with this distinct creature.

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