Registration open for Moscow MICE Forum

Registration is now open for the Moscow MICE Forum scheduled to be held on March 16, 2015 at the Tishinka Exhibition Center in Russia. The forum provides a professional and cost effective platform for international suppliers to meet with key players in the Russian tourism industry.

Specialists working in the Russian MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) sector have been following the worsening political and economic Russian crisis with concern. Many have worked hard to develop their market share, investing their time and money over the years, and they are loath to just leave it, knowing that Russia will re-bound quickly, just as it has many times before.

While bookings are lower for the 11th Moscow International MICE Forum on March 16, there are to date, more than 50 companies committed to this market and this event.

“A great number of our exhibitors have been with us for many years. We have built this market together, and now is not the time to give up. There will be re-alignments, and 2015 is not promising to be the best of years, but these companies have worked extremely hard for their share of the Russian market, and they know that it will re-bound quickly,” states Kim Waddoup, Organizer of the Moscow MICE Forum. Waddoup is an industry pioneer with 23 years of experience in the Russian tourism sector.

“The Moscow International MICE Forum has been operating successfully for 11 years, and we have been through earlier crises. We highly respect the loyalty of all our exhibitors and will be introducing new innovations to ensure that their journey to Moscow will be a successful one,” continues Waddoup.

The Moscow MICE Forum is a unique, one-day, highly-concentrated exhibition, providing exhibitors with fully-equipped 3x2 meter stands to enable them to conduct their business with Russian trade visitors. Now is not the time to pull back on the MICE industry, but rather it is the time to rally behind this important economic sector.

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