One quarter of organisations do not have a traveller risk management strategy

Business Travel Show, 25-26 February 2015, Olympia Grand, London

Despite a year where terrorism, tragedy and natural disasters adversely affected business travellers globally, a quarter of organisations still do not have a traveller risk management strategy in place and nearly half of those (11 per cent) don’t intend to introduce one in the foreseeable future.

However, despite this, 91 per cent of travel managers say they see the duty of care of travellers as part of their role and 89 per cent work with their TMCs (travel management companies) to ensure their travel programmes are responsible.

These are some of the results from a survey carried out by the Business Travel Show, Europe’s leading exhibition and conference for travel buyers and managers, which takes place 25-26 February 2015 at Olympia Grand in London. The survey also highlighted that, out of the top 20 issues facing buyers this year, traveller safety hobbled in at number five, behind challenges associated with cost cutting and compliance.

The survey of 179 European travel buyers also asked buyers about their programmes’ sustainability credentials. 40 per cent do not have sustainable travel programmes, though half of these claimed that is because they achieve sustainability targets through other areas within the business. 43 per cent of programmes are sustainable and 17 per cent are planning to make them sustainable.

Fewer organisations are using travel alternatives, such as video conferencing. Just 52 per cent are using them more frequently, compared to 60 per cent last year and 64 per cent in 2013.

“There’s no denying it’s a good thing that 75 per cent of travel managers are operating responsible programmes but, in this day and age, when there are so many very real threats to traveller safety all over the world, it’s equally shocking that one quarter of organisations do not,” commented David Chapple, event director, Business Travel Show.

“Traveller security and risk management should be at the top of the agenda for buyers this year with good reason, and that’s why we address these issues throughout the 2015 conference programme.”

Responsible travel management conference sessions:
Tues 25 February 1530-1630

Create a travel risk management strategy
Making sure your travellers are safe when trouble starts isn’t just about having traveller tracking software or even writing a crisis management plan. You need a fully co-ordinated strategy that works with other departments and anticipates and mitigates a wide range of risks. What are the secrets to putting your risk management programme together?

Wed 25 February 1200-1300
Safety and security – a best practice guide for beginners
In these troubled times, good travel management isn’t just about finding the best price. So too is looking after employees’ safety and security on the move. But how do you organise your risk management internally, who do you need to bring in externally to help you and what technology do you need to maximise traveller protection both before and during their journey?

Wed 25 February 1200-1300
Going green – adding cost to your travel programme, or reducing it?
Sustainability is still an incredibly important strategic priority for many companies, but what are the cost implications? Hear the arguments for and against, and learn how you can make your travel programme environmentally responsible, from policy control to traveller education to supplier relations.

Thurs 26 February 1130-1230
Travel policy – your key to balancing maximum compliance with traveller experience
A well-crafted policy is at the heart of any successful corporate travel programme. Learn how you can build a policy to control spend and steer business towards preferred suppliers, yet give travellers enough flexibility for their trip needs all at the same time. And once the policy is up and running, how do you monitor and enforce it?

Thurs 26 February 1130-1230

Make your travellers safe, happy and well
Duty of care is an essential part of travel management, and every year there are improvements to the welfare of employees on the move. What are the latest in security enhancements and care for the physical and also emotional well being of your travellers?

Thurs 26 February 1000-1100
Global Safe Travel; are you part of a comprehensive Travel Management Programme?

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