Integrated travel, events and meetings policies shows as a major business consideration in survey at Business Travel Show

Of the 40 per cent of senior decision makers attending the Business Travel Show who already have a consolidated meetings and events policy, a quarter of them are realising savings from their integrated approach.
The research, conducted by the global travel management and events business the ATPI Group, highlights the benefits for event professionals in the careful management of travel alongside any events.

Almost 30 per cent of the respondents who don’t currently have a consolidated meeting and events policy stated that they could see the value in doing so in the future. At the forefront of senior decision makers minds - who took part in the overall research for 2015 - was to reduce costs in first place, with safety and security (second), traveller satisfaction (third) and flexibility (fourth).    

Also clear in the research was that event planners and buyers haven’t yet embraced the possible efficiencies that integration between internal systems – such as finance and HR – and travel policies and reporting can bring. 60 per cent of respondents either don’t currently have this kind of integration in place, or don’t know if they do.  

Adam Knights, UK managing director, the ATPI Group, commented:   “Looking at ways to reduce costs and deliver greater value for money are very clear priorities for all business decision makers when planning a meeting or an event. Whilst this isn’t really a surprise, it is interesting that despite an on-going focus on costs, many business leaders haven’t yet embraced the value that greater integration can bring. We strongly recommend businesses to look at their travel policies in the broadest, most holistic and long term sense in order to see the significant financial benefits that clever consolidation and integration can offer.  Integration can also provide a better understanding of traveller behaviour and of course, better management information, both of which are vital for any event planner.”   

Only 10 per cent of those taking part in the research state that they have never thought about consolidation between their travel, meetings and events policies demonstrating that it could offer benefits for many travel programmes.

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