IFEMA attracts more than 50 European and Asian companies to its trade fairs in Chile

MATELEC LATINOAMÉRICA, GENERA LATINOAMÉRICA AND EXPOSEGURIDAD-SICUR Latinoamérica, organised jointly by Ifema and Fisa, will be held in October in Santiago de Chile.
IFEMA is in the throes of its international marketing work for three professional trade fairs, scheduled to take place in Chile in October. The events are being organised in collaboration with FISA, and more than 50 companies from Europe and Asia’s security, renewable energies and electrical and electronic solutions industries have already confirmed that they will be taking part.

Companies from Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic and China will attend MATELEC AND GENERA LATINOAMÉRICA through IFEMA, which will take place simultaneously from 4 to 6 October, and EXPOSEGURIDAD-SICUR Latinoamérica, from 23 to 25 October. These three events have already been run successfully several times, and they are established in their different sectors throughout the Americas.

Among the specialised fields of the companies starting to move into the Latin American market manufacturing of machinery for cable use and processing, hospital signage and communication systems, audio distribution systems by IP, security systems for evacuating buildings by voice message, tools for home automation projects, and distribution of professional installation and climate control equipment, among others.

IFEMA currently has projects to expand in Europe, Asia and Africa, although it is in Latin America where it has the highest profile through its alliance with the country's main trade fair operator, with which it co-organises these three trade fairs that they have exported to the American market. They all have symbolic Spanish brands and cover previously unmet needs in the continent’s trade fair scene.