ibtm america 2016 Knowledge Forum set to inspire attendees with the discussion around the industry hottest topics

Subjects include Digital Security & Meetings Design

ibtm america 2016, taking place from June 15-17 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, has announced that the key topics to be covered in this year’s ibtm america Knowledge Forum will be Digital Security and Meetings Design.

Jaime McAuley, Event Director, ibtm america commented, “We are looking forward to welcoming two very impressive industry experts who have agreed to share their insight and experience with our attendees as part of the Knowledge Forum. Our exhibitors and Hosted Buyers will be able to pick between attending a session on Digital Security or a session on Meetings Design, two key topics directly impacting both buyers and suppliers right now. Attending these sessions will provide an opportunity to stay up to date with the latest developments and advances in these evolving industries.”  

In his session on Digital Security, Jim Spellos, Media Expert and President of Meeting U will focus on the most important trends in digital security and help attendees better understand the digital risks and learn to separate truth from hype about how secure their presence is. Spellos will identify critical terms in the industry, explain how to use online tools to keep educated about ongoing changes, and also help attendees understand how to keep their personal digital presence from being compromised.

Jaime McAuley, Event Director, ibtm america commented, “Technology has become one of the most important tools for buyers and suppliers and this year we have made it a big part of our event programme. In addition to the Knowledge Forum, attendees can stay up to date with the constantly evolving world of technology by visiting the Central Hub’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) areas that will resonate with current trends within the industry, and the TECHCollective, a special area where exhibitors can conduct live demonstrations of their products and services in front of Hosted Buyers.”

Greg Bogue, Vice President of Experience Design of Maritz Travel Company will lead a session on Meetings Design titled “Experience: the new status symbol – use science to design with confidence.” In his session, Bogue will explore how attendees can use key neuroscience principles that drive human behavior to design and create meaningful and memorable guest experiences. Through a hands-on application, attendees will learn how to apply design principles to create more engaging experiences at their next meeting, event or incentive trip.  

Bogue commented, “Over the past 30 years, I’ve been dedicated to creating messages and experiences that move people. Delivering exceptional meeting and event experiences for clients is so important as successful delivery of an impactful event will not only help to create better value for the organisation holding the event but also for all of the guests attending.”  

McAuley commented, “At ibtm america our goal is to provide exhibitors and Hosted Buyers with maximum ROI through a combination of networking events, 100% mutually matched business appointments and education sessions. This year’s ibtm america Knowledge Forum is going to be full of inspiring and engaging content, which we hope everyone will make the most of and enjoy.”

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