Egyptian Minister of Tourism: Commitment to safe and enjoyable visits

Speaking to a high level group of German Ministers, Parliamentarians and tourism industry leader at the world leading travel industry convention ITB in Berlin, Egyptian Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou, outlined Egypt’s commitment to make sure that people around the world have a safe, secure and enjoyable experience when visiting Egypt.

This follows research by U.S. polling company Penn Schoen Berland that revealed that 61% of tourist around the world say that Egypt is a place they want to visit in their lifetimes, and 53% percent defined it as a destination that will be a “must visit” or “next big thing” in the future. German tourists specifically also rate Egypt highly, with 58% saying it is a place they want to visit in their lifetimes, and 48% defining it as a “must visit” or “next big thing” destination.  

The diversity of tourism in Egypt – catering to visitors who want everything from premium beach resorts to renowned historical locations with world-recognised archaeological artefacts and art – is an essential part of Egypt’s plan to increase German tourism.  

German tourists surveyed in the research showed a high level of awareness of Egypt’s wide range of tourism offerings. Seventy-nine percent of Germans surveyed associate Egypt with historical sites and landmarks, while 71% recognise Egypt offers high-quality beaches. Similarly, 65% associate Egypt with outdoor activities, such as diving, water sports and hiking, while 63% recognise Egypt for its art galleries and museums. Finally, 62% identify Egypt as having good restaurants and dining, while 58% describe it as offering a luxurious experience.  

In order to maximise this interest, the Egyptian Government announced the start of the major new advertising and marketing campaign “This is Egypt” (#thisisegypt) in February in a number of key markets.  

In his speech, Minister of Tourism Zaazou, outlined how tourism can be part of the solution at a time when there are great challenges in the world, from economic struggles, to inequality, to conflict.  

“Tourism can be part of the solution. Diplomacy brings together governments to solve global issues. It provides the framework for collaboration that allows us to achieve great things and to improve the world in which we live. As part of that I believe that tourism is an essential bridge builder between peoples and countries. Tourism provides the opportunity to open our minds to new places, new cultures, and ideas.  

It unites us as different people with a shared appreciation for an enjoyable experience, or a beautiful location, or a special activity. There is no better way for us to encourage tolerance and cooperation amongst people, to complement the hard work of our governments, than tourism.”

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