Amadeus UK launches online TMC Reseller Toolkit and Corporate Health Check app at the Business Travel Show

New tools to empower corporate travel buyers and TMC partners to drive efficiency and innovation in business travel management

Today Amadeus UK is launching an online reseller portal for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) called ‘The Toolkit’ and a Corporate Health check app for corporate buyers. Both tools are designed to optimise online booking tool adoption and ensure that corporations get the most from their travel technology investment.

The online reseller toolkit will bring together valuable resources into one digital portal to help existing TMCs and their customers drive efficiencies and improvements across their travel programmes. The Toolkit will enable sales staff and IT administrators to leverage a large database of resources, including marketing materials, video tutorials, instruction manuals and information about the latest technology upgrades and enhancements.  

For instance, marketing managers will be able to use step-by-step guides on how to launch their self-booking tool programmes to achieve best practise levels of adoption, while IT staff will benefit from easy access to the latest technical updates and information on new product releases. And sales teams can access all of the support materials they’ll need to help promote Amadeus’ solutions with confidence.  

The Health Check app will help corporate travel buyers and travel managers evaluate their online travel booking adoption rates and identify key weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. This will enable corporations to optimise efficiency and ensure they fully utilise the functionality of existing online tools. The app is designed as a pre-cursor to a more in-depth discussion with one of Amadeus’ local or regional online booking tool clinicians who will be present at the event.  

Rob Golledge, Head of Marketing Communications at Amadeus UK & Ireland, commented: “We are fully committed to helping our reseller partners to benefit fully from the evolution of Amadeus e-Travel Management, which is used by 7000 corporations globally. Our reseller Toolkit is designed to empower TMC partners by providing essential tools and knowledge to boost confidence and help them demonstrate how corporations can maximise ROI from online booking adoption.”  

“Separately, the Health Check app is designed to enable corporate travel managers and buyers responsible for the efficacy of their corporate travel programmes to understand how to get the most from online booking. The interactive survey will recommend key areas of focus designed to deliver a high performing travel programme and a better experience for travel bookers. The results are based on the corporate travel buyer’s responses. Ultimately, it’s about empowering organisations to drive policy compliance and meet the emerging needs of today’s travellers.”

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