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Teambuilding to span the generations

If food be the music of... teambuilding!

With something for everyone, and accessible to all ages, Edinburgh New Town Cookery School’s new bespoke team-builder package introduces the Generation Game with a foodie twist.
Based on an afternoon tea theme, but adaptable for different times of day, and catering for groups of up to 32 in teams of four, the concept is a mix of cookery, conveyor belt recall and cunning quizzes.

Over the course of two hours, teams move around the school doing different tasks such as decorating cupcakes, making pancakes and sandwiches, and tasting teas.  Built into the programme is a ‘human’ conveyor belt where individual teams watch a progression of food-related items and remember as many as possible.  The famous cuddly toy even makes an appearance – in the form of a cuddly chef! All activities are scored before everyone comes together for a kitchen-themed version of a pub quiz with teams competing against each other.  

Fiona Burrell, principal of the school, says:  “This is a great team-builder which gets everyone laughing and learning at the same time.  It’s just the right blend of competition and productivity, and the best fun is when the group comes together to eat the fruits of their labours.”  

The Generation Game Team Builder can be adapted for up to 50 people, with cookery demonstrations replacing some of the practical sessions. Concepts and themes are tailored to the needs of individual organisers, with prices worked out to suit available budgets.

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