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Scotland's oldest distillery gets a magnificent makeover

Scotland’s most popular Distillery, The Famous Grouse Experience at The Glenturret Distillery in Crieff, has announced it has recently completed a £250,000 investment in its key visitor areas and café, ahead of an anticipated surge in visitor numbers for this year’s Ryder Cup.

Scotland’s oldest working distillery, the most visited Distillery in Scotland, was established in 1775, and is home to The Famous Grouse Experience, the spiritual home of the country’s favourite Scottish blended whisky, The Famous Grouse.  

The refurbishment programme, which is the first major upgrade to the facilities since 2007, has been ongoing over the Winter months, has seen the visitor café, shop and tasting experiences completely transformed, as well as the welcome lounge that plays host to 120,000 visitors every year.  

Specifically, the Distillery has opened up a new Tasting Bar, alongside which there are a series of nosing pods to allow visitors to get much closer to the whisky blending process and identify aromas and ingredients that make the spirit so distinctive.  

In a year where the eyes of the world will be firmly upon Scotland as the host of the Commonwealth Games in July, and home to the Ryder Cup in September, the facilities for corporate entertainment and private events have also been considerably enhanced with a new facilities for whisky tasting experiences, including The Famous Grouse Suite, extending the Distillery’s abilities to accommodate valuable corporate and group business.  

Another new feature, capitalising on a growing trend for product personalisation, is the Personalisation Bar in the new gift shop, which allows customers to not only bottle their own whisky, but to personalise their bottle of The Famous Grouse blended whisky on site.  

The newly refurbished elements of The Famous Grouse Experience are immediately open to the public while final adjustments are still being made, however the full refurbishment will be officially opened later in May.  

Boasting a range of tours and whisky tasting experiences, the five star visitor attraction is already a leader in its field, but the latest innovations are expected to maintain their position as one of Scotland’s most Famous attractions.   

Lesley Williamson, Business Development Manager of The Famous Grouse Experience commented:   “This will be an extremely busy year for tourism businesses in the Perthshire area. The eyes of the world will be upon us and it’s imperative that we continue to deliver our visitors a quality experience. Glenturret Distillery has a place in Scotland’s history as the oldest working distillery, and The Famous Grouse Experience is a popular visitor attraction for tourists from around the Globe.  

“I’m delighted that our new tasting and nosing experience is greatly enhanced so that visitors will really get to experience the aromas and ingredients that create the perfect blend. There has been a surge in interest in Scotland’s national drink in recent years and a visit to The Famous Grouse Experience is not just your average distillery tour, but an opportunity for people to learn about and enjoy Scotland’s most famous blended whisky in its spiritual home.  

“The investment demonstrates our commitment to the future of the Distillery in Crieff and in our offering to the corporate and private events market, as well as an important tourism destination, both of which are incredibly important to our business.”

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