The Boscolo Hotels’ brand new website goes live

With over one million users and more than five million page views in 2015, the Boscolo Hotels’ new website is online now with a completely new look, in line with the company’s repositioning of the Boscolo Hotels Collection, consisting of six unique five-star Hotels, which are representative of a single inspiration: the Italian Luxury Lifestyle.

Each member of the Boscolo Hotels Collection has unique treasures in character, style and personality, allowing guests to take a journey within the journey, to the very essence of hospitality and the city in which they are located, and evoking incomparable charm.  

The new Boscolo Hotels website has been designed in the wake of these premises, to engage customers in a new browsing experience through the emotions of images and the richness of new editorial content. Designed in a mobile-friendly way, the new website enhances the social dimension and the sharing of content through the integration with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  

Moreover, focuses on what are considered the strategic assets of the Collection: Suites/Wellness & Spa Centres/Food Experience/Weddings & Events. Choosing one of the Hotels from the Boscolo Collection means living the hospitality from a privileged point of view, a journey through senses, where the user becomes part of a history of luxury and rarity, an enchantment beyond time.  

Artist Alfredo Sabbatini has been given the mission of interpreting the personality of each of the six Boscolo Hotels through the photos on the homepage, highlighting their individual uniqueness and elegance.

The outfits used are from Franco Jacassi’s collection, a refined collector of vintage haute couture: Milan “wears” Roberto Capucci and Valentino, Rome “wears” Mila Schön, Venice Roberto Cavalli, Budapest Ungaro, Prague Armani and Versace, Nice Ferré and Puglisi. These images alternate with evocative representations of hotels from the Boscolo Collection.  

The website is in constant evolution and improvement, the same characteristics that have always distinguished the Boscolo Hotels’ offering.

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