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Greetings Dear Colleagues,
I hope you all are in good health and in a good mood along with all your employees and family members. We, as Tourism Professionals, do not only provide travel services but motivate our customers and entertain them to make them happy in line with industrial virtues. So, all in all we may be seen as motivational masters.

We have all our personnel working for us from home at this time and have not laid them off from our company.

If we get all upset and let our mood go down, this will turn into a chain reaction and everyone will lose their motivation eventually. Therefore, I recommend you to keep your motivation up as much as possible, on a constant basis.

As with the rest of the world, we, too are struggling with Covid-19 virus. I believe that with the spring on its way to Turkey and Europe, this will soon disappear and Covid-19 will be no more, eventually.

I firmly believe that by the 15th of April, the world will be back to normal and we will be hosting guests by May and we believe in this so much that we are working towards that goal.

To keep you precious partners safe from harm, we will not be applying ‘no show’ for possible cancellation on new bookings and we will do our best to help you in every way we can on this end.

If you would like, you can present our affordable tours to your guests in advance as we already have 100% refund policy in effect.

We tourism professionals are active people who plan ahead and do the best for our guests proactively. We wish you the best of help with all family, friends, employees and all the loved ones, so take really good care.

Let’s not forget that we are the masters of motivation who can make guests happy with great holiday opportunities and also keep them happy during the hard times just as well. Best Regards
Murtaza Kalender
General Manager
TravelShop Turkey

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