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Nature’s cuisine at Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas with new Executive Chef Yiannis Kioroglou

Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas has announced the appointment of Yiannis Kioroglou as the lodges new Executive Chef. Working his magic, Yiannis strives to elevate local ingredients to a new level with ‘Nature’s Cuisine’, firmly placing Aristi Mountain Resorts & Villas as one of the top places on the gastronomic scene. Yiannis has taken inspiration from the natural surroundings of this secluded hidden gem and curated a menu enthused with local delicacies from the Zagori region

The award-winning, international Chef, Yiannis has introduced a new gastronomic concept to the Salvia restaurant at Aristi Mountain Resorts & Villas.  Yiannis is a connoisseur and supporter of Epirus’ cuisine and the fine materials generated by the Zagori mainland. Inspired to bring forth "Nature's Cuisine", captured by Salvia dishes with most of the products sourced from the country fields in the surrounding areas and cheese and meat purchased from the finest local farms.  

At the Salvia restaurant there is a huge emphasis on local produce and as the Chef himself mentions “The new menu at Aristi Mountain Resorts & Villas originates from the beauty and simplicity of the region that surrounds it. The ideas in my mind were filled with flavours and aromas of the region; I realised that I needed to create simple dishes full of substance, just like the atmosphere of the region! It's like I am living in a dream, when I wake up in the morning and chop the fresh organic herbs and vegetables from our own garden, to blend them with all the area generously offers!”  

Yiannis will work his magic with the well-established Zagori flavours by adding a robust edge. The restaurant’s renewed menu features delicious dishes such as wild boar from the Zagori Mountains, river trout baked in lemon juice and the famous Kooronisian eel. Yiannis will stir things up in the restaurant and also add his award winning touch to all culinary aspects in order to deliver the ultimate culinary experience.  

Having received the prestigious “Greek Cuisine” award twice, Yiannis has brought his traditional Greek touch and personal essence to the Salvia’s menu to curate a new level of deliciousness. Over the years, he has worked in an impressive number of different countries, including award winning properties such as La Guerite in St Barths, Constantin Fillipou in Vienna, Sani Water Restaurant in Halkiidiki and Mylos in Santorini. With many of the properties holding recognized awards such as the Guide Rouge Michelin and the Golden Chef’s Hast Awards, Yiannis has a wealth of experience. In addition to the above Yiannis has also has also worked in Corfu, The Caribbean, Thessaloniki, Brussels, Seville, Cannes, Athens and Trieste.  

Salvia Restaurant
Only a few metres from the hotel and recently renewed, the Salvia restaurant offers guests a truly luxurious dining experience. The name of the restaurant is taken from an indigenous herb of the Zagori area, Salvia, which is known for its medicinal and aromatic properties. Guests can expect traditional Epidotic recipes made with love and care. The resort is proud to offer carefully selected wines from the local vineyards to enhance the truly exquisite dining experience. Guests can enjoy organic vegetables and fruits such as the typical Epirus ‘galotiri’, the fresh greens of the region, delicious trout from the local river and their very own chicken giving a truly unique taste to the Chefs delicacies. Home to its very own organic garden located on the outskirts of Aristi Village, guests can taste the resorts very own fruit and vegetables.

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