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Oetker Collection appoints Catherine Hodoul Baudry as Head of Regional Sales and Marketing of The Lanesborough

Catherine Hodoul-Baudry
Catherine Hodoul-Baudry, Head of Sales and Marketing at Le Bristol Paris since 2004, and Head of Regional Sales and Marketing for the Palais Namaskar, in Marrakech, and the Eden Rock-St Barths, now counts The Lanesborough, in London, as part of her hotel portfolio.

Jean-Pierre Soutric, Oetker Collection’s newly appointed Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, entrusted Hodoul-Baudry with the responsibility of The Lanesborough without hesitation, having perfect trust in her ability to lead and support the teams of the London flagship hotel—the perfect complement to Le Bristol Paris—to ensure its commercial success.

After studying literature (Hyphokhâgne and Khâgne) and earning a degree in history, complemented by a Masters in Tourism and a postgraduate degree in Communications, Hodoul-Baudry joined the Méridien Group's Europe division in 1991. In 1995, she joined the Ritz Paris, where she worked for eight years, occupying three positions within the sales team, including that of Sales and Marketing Director.

Recruited by Le Bristol in 2004, Hodoul-Baudry joined the team of President and CEO Pierre Ferchaud with the mission of giving the palace a more contemporary image by deploying a distinguished new environment and launching the hotel’s expansion.

When Didier Le Calvez was appointed President and CEO, in 2010, Hodoul-Baudry participated in repositioning Le Bristol Paris with a focus on the hotel’s renovation and shift in its mix of clientele.

Acting as Oetker Collection’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Le Calvez has extended the scope of Hodoul-Baudry's responsibilities, appointing her Head of Regional Sales and Marketing in charge of Palais Namasakar, in Marrakech, in 2012, and the Eden Rock-St Barths, in 2014.

With her motto "A happy employee is an efficient one," Hodoul-Baudry will endeavor to implement at the Lanesborough the key strategies that prove to be so successful at every hotel under her management.

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