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Ruby Hotels’ announce expansion plans for Ruby Lissi, as property reopens in Vienna’s historic 1st District

Expansion Project will add 64 New Rooms, including Larger RESIDENT Rooms, a Second Bar and a Roof Terrace
Ruby Hotels, pioneer of the ‘Lean Luxury’ philosophy, has announced expansion plans for Vienna property Ruby Lissi, as the hotel reopens in the city’s 1st district.
The expansion project, which will be completed by late 2021, includes the addition of 64 new guest and RESIDENT rooms, a lounge and an additional two-story bar with roof terrace.

This latest project forms part of an ambitious expansion plan for Ruby Hotels, following the recent announcement of two new properties for Ruby; Geneva and Stuttgart, opening in 2022 and 2023 respectively.  

The new RESIDENT rooms at Ruby Lissi, which will be more spacious and equipped with a bigger wardrobe, a small fridge and a coffee machine, will be ideal for those in search of a longer stay. Residents will also get access to the residents’ kitchen and lounge on the top floor of the hotel. The RESIDENT concept was first introduced at Ruby Leni in Dusseldorf last year and has now been adapted for Vienna.  

Located in the heart of Vienna’s historic centre, Ruby Lissi opened in 2017 as the group’s third property in Vienna, following the launch of nearby Ruby Sofie and Ruby Marie. “Vienna was the starting signal for Ruby - our first hotel in the famous Sophiensaele theatre opened here. For this very reason, I’m delighted that we can further grow our Vienna offering by expanding Ruby Lissi,” said Ruby Founder and CEO Michael Struck. "We want the new Ruby Bar with its roof terrace to blend seamlessly into the buzz of the first district, which we hope will create a new favorite place for many locals."  

Set within an 18th century former monastery, the hotel’s interiors have been designed to reflect a bygone era, with handpicked vintage furniture and original detailing inspired by 19th century travel. The travel theme was inspired by Lissi's namesake, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who held her vast empire together with numerous trips by train. Luxurious touches such as real wood wall panelling, quilted headboards and sumptuous velvet sofas contrast with modern and industrial accents to create a unique and quirky finish.  

Just like the group’s other houses, Ruby Lissi follows Ruby Hotels’ ‘Lean Luxury’ philosophy: a top location, high-quality fittings, and outstanding design. All of this is offered at an affordable price by rigorously cutting out the superfluous and focusing on the essential.   

Commenting on the future of travel in a post-pandemic world, Struck added:   "There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic will change travel as we know it. As it becomes increasingly clear that social distancing is here to stay, hotels with a high degree of automation and intelligent use of technology are predicted to come out in front. Ruby Hotels' 'Lean Luxury' model makes use of just that, providing travellers with a safe, luxurious and unique hotel experience at an affordable price point.   

Thanks to proprietary technical innovations, we plan, build and organise ourselves differently from conventional hotels. We design and structure our properties in a very modular way, centralising and automating processes behind the scenes wherever possible. This means that we can run our hotels on lower staff levels than many of our peers. Plus, we can give our guests the option: How much interaction do you want. The human touch is important to us all. But in times like these, it is good to have the option to minimise social contact.  

For example, a self-check-in system makes use of tablets to reduce check-in time to under one minute, while check-out is eliminated altogether (the guest simply receives an invoice via email at the end of their stay). Further, Ruby Hotels’ galley kitchens and vending machines supply guests with all of their needs, in complete privacy. Large open bars, movie lounges, private yoga rooms and rooftop chill-out spaces replace traditional spa and gym facilities, allowing guests to relax and unwind in a safer way."   

Nightly rates at Ruby Lissi, Vienna start from €89 per night for a Nest Room, including breakfast.

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