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Middleton Lodge Estate to bring a taste of Yorkshire into the home

Middleton Lodge Estate food offering
#MiddletonAtHome invites guests and friends to recreate the magic of the beloved North Yorkshire estate in their home - starting with how to construct the perfect Easter feast
This week, Middleton Lodge Estate, will launch #MiddletonAtHome, a series of interactive guides that invite guests to bring a bit of Yorkshire magic into their homes.  

The #MiddletonAtHome series is inspired by their regular on site events and includes tried and tested tips on tasty family dining, seasonal planting, easy table settings and self care at home.  This week they will kick off with a guide to creating a magnificent Easter feast, using simple seasonal produce, with help from small hands where necessary.  

Expect a new take on the traditional Good Friday fish - Seafood Chowder - and details of how to prepare a leg of lamb to bewitch the whole family.  Kids are kept engaged with a list of seasonal flowers and blossoms to retrieve from the garden, and details of how to lay a table to be the envy of any nosy neighbours.  

Distributed weekly, the series will draw on their team of experts with insights from Executive Chef - Gareth Rayner, Head Gardener - Andrew Webb, Wellness Instructor - Kate Airey, Spa Manager - Hannah Cotts and contributions from their friends and partners including The Wilde.  

Next week will incorporate tips on how to make the ultimate Yorkshire puddings from a true professional and native Yorkshireman, Chef Gareth.  

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