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Two Icelandic Radisson restaurants in The White Guide 2019

This week it was announced that two of Radisson Blu Saga Hotel’s restaurants in Reykjavík have been listed on the new White Guide Nordic 2019 - the ultimate guide to the best restaurants, bars and hotels in the Nordics.

The top floor restaurant Grillið is listed in the category Very Fine Level dining experience. Mímir Restaurant made is as a newcomer to the market in the category Fine Level, this less than one year after its opening.

“We are extremely proud of these recognitions and we are very thankful to our team-members. Their dedication, expertise and passion made this possible”, comments Ingibjörg Ólafsdóttir, General Manager at Radisson Blu Saga Hotel Reykjavik, Iceland.

Radisson Blu Saga Hotel is owned by the Farmers association of Iceland and is strongly linked to agriculture in the public’s mind. The menus and cuisines are designed with reference to modern, Icelandic culinary traditions and are intended to impress the guests by the fact that they are enjoying the best that Icelandic farmers and manufactures have to offer.

The White Guide features about 200 restaurants in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, including Faroe Islands, Greenland and Svalbard. Fourteen restaurants from Iceland are listed and two of them (1/7 part) are operated by Radisson Blu Saga Hotel. The 2019-20 edition of the guide will also feature more than 140 hotels, bars and cafés to cater to the growing gastrotourism to the region in its full seasonal bloom.

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