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Soneva opens newest dining outlets

Shades of Green
Following the opening of Soneva Jani’s latest culinary offering the Crab Shack, Soneva Fushi has also now opened its newest dining outlet, Shades of Green.  
Located in the resort’s organic garden, the concept and menu for Shades of Green is created by Carsten Kyster, a Danish chef who has worked alongside Jamie Oliver at the River Café and Peter Gordon at The Sugar Club in London.

Chef Carsten wants to tap into the global movement that places an emphasis on fresh, organic, and local produce as being important for a healthy lifestyle, while also being a climate conscious choice in keeping with Soneva’s values.  

The experience at Shades of Green begins with all diners going on a guided tour of the garden to learn about the herbs, vegetables and fruits grown there. They will use all five senses as they pick the ingredients to be used in their meal. All diners are encouraged to examine, pick, smell, and taste the herbs, fruits, and vegetables growing in the garden. Along the way they will come across a number of amuse bouche hidden amongst the greenery. After this the diners gather around a fire pit for the first course before being seated at tables beneath the shade of the pergola and fruit trees. The menu features simple yet experimental plant-based dishes, blending Maldivian and Southeast Asian cuisines; which are then prepared using Nordic techniques such as smoking, salting, fermenting, and pickling.  

In addition to this Soneva Fushi is set to welcome back 3* Chef Kenji Gyoten four times this year and once in 2020 as part of its Festival of Colour. Chef Kenji will also be cooking at Soneva Kiri in August 2019. Lucky diners will get the chance to skip the young sushi master’s 12-month long waiting list at his restaurant, Sushi Gyoten, in Fukuoka, and dine with only four other guests for an intimate Chef’s Table experience.

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