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YTL Hotels announces partnership with Save Wild Tigers to launch Eye On The Tiger exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall

Tiger in water
YTL Hotels is proud to announce its partnership with wildlife charity initiative, Save Wild Tigers, through an exclusive exhibition at the world famous Royal Albert Hall, “Eye on the Tiger”. Malaysia’s leading hospitality group is famous for its incredible portfolio of award-winning resorts and city hotels across the globe, with sustainability and conservation being central to their ethos as a company

In association with YTL Hotels & Eastern & Oriental Express, Save Wild Tigers have enlisted over 30 of the world’s best photographers to display stunning images of these majestic creatures and bring global attention to the endangered species.  

Wild tigers are currently being hunted for their skins, bones and parts by the illegal poaching trade. The illegal trade in endangered species is worth around £12 billion every year, and on top of this, the tigers’ natural habitat is being decimated by developers, increasing the risk of human/animal conflict points. On-going fragmentation of centuries old habitat is also killing off other rare species like rhinos, elephants, lions and numerous other species at an alarming rate.  

Of the importance of this work and sponsorship, founder of Save Wild Tigers, Simon Clinton, stated: “If no action is taken Wild Tigers could be extinct in just 10-20 years. “Eye on the tiger” is set to raise awareness and capture the imagination –this is absolutely an event not to be missed. With only 3,800 tigers left in the wild, time is running out to save this majestic species from extinction. Through this stunning exhibition, we want to inspire the public to join us and act to save, surely one of the planets’ most beautiful & captivating species for future generations.”  

Renowned and award-winning UK & international photographers from around the globe – including USA, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Japan, Germany & India - have very generously donated their time and photographic rights to exhibit their beautiful photographs.  

Among them is award-winning National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, who notes that “over the course of a century, tiger numbers have plummeted from about 100,000 to perhaps 3,800 today. They face a litany of threats, from poaching and the illegal wildlife trade to the pillage of their remaining habitat, conflict with people and disappearing prey. I hope these images inspire people to act. Together, we can insure the long-term survival of one of the planet’s most iconic animals— the largest and most endangered of the world’s big cats.”  

Given its origins in Malaysia, and recent increased investment in the UK, YTL Hotels is perfectly placed to support this London exhibition with a global goal. Dato' Mark Yeoh, Executive Director of YTL Hotels comments-  

"We are very honoured to be able to take part in such an important cause yet again. Wildlife and environmental conservation are issues that underpin a lot of what we do here at YTL Hotels. Since 2007, YTL Hotels has embarked on several initiatives to support the conservation of wildlife and the environment. Our efforts have ranged from reef rehabilitation projects in Pangkor Laut Resort, to establishing a turtle hatchery at Tanjong Jara Resort. We are particularly excited that we can partake in this UK initiative, showcasing this incredible exhibition at the world-famous Royal Albert Hall in London, close by to some of our newest hotels, The Academy and Threadneedles.   

“This world-first event greatly reflects our sustainability values as we recognise the vital impact and role we can play in protecting endangered wildlife and saving them for future generations.”   

Prior to the exhibition, YTL Hotels will be proudly exhibiting select images within two of their hotels: The Gainsborough Bath Spa, and Threadneedles, Bank. Passers-by and guests can wander the public areas and experience an exclusive first look of the photographs courtesy of YTL Hotels.  

The exhibition will run between 18th September and 14th October 2018, at the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

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