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The Circle - Adagio unveils revolution in Aparthotels

Hospitality is one of the fastest-changing businesses in the world and companies involved need to react quickly to changing tastes and demands. In that environment Market-Leader Adagio reveals The Circle
After months of intense research "The Circle" is now being launched throughout Aparthotels Adagio. The objective of this new concept is to redefine the aparthotel spaces based on customer desire and usage, bringing a modern and flexible style available at different times of the day.

The Circle ensures that all guests can enjoy both shared and private space at their own convenience and as they desire.

A unique concept based on three dimensions
Called "The Circle" to symbolise the spirit of community it creates, this new generation of the friendly spirit of Aparthotels Adagio generates an open and welcoming feeling of togetherness based on three pillars:
• Redesigned spaces that create new functions (a library of objects to borrow, shared kitchen, grocery store, etc) original or simply useful.
• Events such as weekly aperitifs or [email protected], which all guests can enjoy.
• Shared guest experiences led by the Adagio team, designed to generate “moments to remember” when strangers meet to enjoy the events and each other. 

A common space totally redesigned to encourage meetings and friendship
The common areas have been completely redesigned by the Adagio team putting clients and employees at the centre of their planning. The original Circle concept has been guest-tested and developed further at the Adagio Paris Bercy Village where guests and visiting neighbours were invited to enjoy the premises and give feedback which was used for further improvements.

With "The Circle", each Aparthotel Adagio now offers many complimentary services to encourage interaction between guests but also between those guests and our hotel staff. From leisure to cooking, these are all activities that allow travellers to discover a new way to create their individual stay.

• Shared kitchen. A true multi-function meeting place, a large shared kitchen allows guests to cook throughout the day in a friendly atmosphere and benefit from all the equipment to prepare a meal that they will then have the freedom to share with other guests. This kitchen can also be booked to employ a chef to prepare something for that special occasion.
• Library of objects. To personalise their apartment and help create “their own space” guests have access to a free library with three types of objects:
◦ Iconic, local trinkets and memorabilia which allow guests to bring their own focus and design taste to their space.
◦ Emotional, which allows guests to personalise their apartment with unique decoration items and sentiment - plants, picture frames, books, home-from-home items.
◦ Functional, which can be practical in everyday life - a chair of choice, a cushion of colour, kitchen equipment of preference and loved brands.
The Circle library serves as a place to exchange books: everyone can deposit and take the book of their choice and can therefore help to develop the shared experience and growing repository of fictional fun and no-fictional enjoyment.
• Fun and practical services. To offer a complete experience The Circle ideal offers additional services in common areas such as a grocery store where everyone can find practical or gourmet products, or the free provision of drinks in the lobby.
• Reception. A new reception style makes the guest welcome warmer, informal and personalised thanks to a large table d'hôtes. Employees wear a new more relaxed outfit and guests have the option to check in at different places in the lobby. Welcome teams have all undergone specific training to immerse themselves in the new spirit of Aparthotels Adagio, and proudly carry the values of Adagio: empathy, thoughtfulness and generosity.
• Entertainment. The common areas have been completely re-designed so that guests can enjoy relaxing moments: table football as an attraction, a wide variety of board games available, watching events on large screens, taking a book from the wide selection available or even sitting down to play the piano - all at no extra cost.
• Co-working. Some Aparthotels benefit from co-working spaces, allowing business travellers to benefit from a friendly and functional working environment

In addition to these permanent services, each Aparthotel organises events and theme nights several times a week, such as dinners (Dinner @ Adagio) created by a local chef and to which all guests are invited.

"Our primary goal was to put the benefit sand opportunities of each unique location at the heart of the customer experience," said Karim Malak, Adagio's Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

"The process undertaken to create ‘The Circle' was above everything listening to our customer, in order to offer them a service and a living environment more attuned to their expectations as they arrive and throughout their stay.

“Thanks to this new concept, we now offer our guests a complete and unique experience with an apartment that remains their own personal space but with common areas. Guess can now dip in or out according to their own needs. They can now enjoy a unique and customisable hosting experience in a more user-friendly living space, allowing them to meet new travellers should they desire.”

A large scale deployment
This new concept will be deployed with several interior design agencies. Already six Adagio Aparthotels are now fully in operation and 23 establishments will have been re-designed by the end of 2018.

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