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Grace Hotels launches global partnership with The Short Story Project

Enhances guest experience through access to digital library
Luxury boutique hotel group, Grace Hotels, is proud to launch its partnership with The Short Story Project, becoming the first global hotel brand to offer guests access to its digital library of short stories.

The Short Story Project’s online platform hosts an extensive collection of stories from around the world, written by award-winning authors and curated by a team of literary specialists.

The multicultural narratives are classified by genre, such as humour, suspense and history, alongside other more unusual categories to spark curiosity, including ‘journeys’, ‘ideas’ and ‘the absurd’. There is also a section dedicated to short stories for children, and for additional convenience, stories can be selected according to reading time. Whilst the library contains stories in as many as 40 different original languages, all are available in English and many have been translated into further languages, including Spanish, German and Hebrew. The majority are available in audio format as well as written format.

From July 2018, all guests of Grace Hotels will be offered premium access to the platform which includes audible and written content, the opportunity to customise reading lists based on their literary preferences, and the option to ‘gift’ their favourite stories to friends. Premium level access will be provided for one full month from the time that the guest registers, giving them ample time to finish their chosen stories even after returning home. As an added benefit and to tie in to Grace Hotels’ ongoing objective to connect people to its richly diverse destinations, guests can also browse the ‘Grace Picks’. This reading list, created by The Short Story Project’s editors exclusively for Grace Hotels, features stories inspired by the destinations or cultures connected to the group’s portfolio of six hotels around the world.

Examples include ‘An Almost Sky Blue Hand’ by the renowned Greek author Rhea Galanaki, a poignant reflection on a meaningful and heartfelt friendship; ‘Kasos’, centred around a web of misconceptions at the heart of a Greek family by Argentinian writer Nicolás Mavrakis; and ‘My Parents and My Children’ by multi-award winning Argentinian author Samanta Schweblin, featuring the juxtaposition of childhood innocence and cognitive decline, laced with wit and irony aplenty.

Alison Styles, Group Commercial Director of Grace Hotels, said: “We are constantly seeking innovative ways to help our guests unwind. The Short Story Project offers the perfect antidote to the increasingly frantic tempo at which we seem to live our lives. By offering access to this extensive, customisable library of short stories, ideal for those on the move, we hope that we are able to further enhance our guests’ enjoyment of their time with us, creating the memorable experiences that make a trip so special.”

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