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Georgian House in The Know for customer feedback

London’s Georgian House entrance
London’s Georgian House has joined forces with The Know, the intelligent mystery guest service for luxury and boutique hotels, to receive genuine customer feedback from experienced travellers.
The Know provides luxury and boutique hotels with detailed, confidential, qualitative insight and analytics, bringing an innovative approach to feedback through the members-only club of real paying guests.

Adam Rowledge, general manager at Georgian House said: “As guests’ comments on online review sites do not often give you a full and accurate picture of every element of their stay, The Know enables us to focus on getting detailed, quality insight on the whole guest experience. We have found that automated surveys often get overlooked, are completed in a rush and therefore can be inaccurate and are not detailed enough to see the full picture. The Knowers are genuine paying guests who would want to stay in our hotel and this sets them aside from other mystery-shopper style services. What’s more The Know’s online dashboard is great to use and can be easily managed making the whole process so straightforward.”

Located in Belgravia, a ten-minute walk from Victoria station, five-star boutique bed and breakfast Georgian House was built in 1851 by the great great grandfather of the current owner. Ideal for couples, families and corporate traveller, the property stylishly integrates contemporary townhouse chic with original Victorian features. The 63 rooms are individually-designed and the popular Wizard Chambers and Enchanted Chambers offer a unique stay experience. Quirky elements such as a retro cinema for two people on the third floor, wizard cocktail-making experience and pop-up cheese afternoon tea add to the innovative appeal of Georgian House.

Mané Ryatt from The Know said, “Georgian House is a truly unique boutique hotel and the feedback they receive through The Know will ensure that their customer experience is second to none. All of our ‘Knowers’ are experienced travellers who are able to supply detailed, genuine feedback through our confidential survey, to enable our customers to benchmark and ultimately improve their performance.”

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