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Two ‘bastions of Britishness’ – Debrett’s and The Lanesborough to offer personalised etiquette programmes for young professionals

‘Following the launch of The Lanesborough’s partnership with Debrett’s in 2016, the two tradition- steeped institutions will offer bespoke courses for young achievers and professionals throughout September 2017
The Lanesborough, part of the prestigious Oetker Collection and one of London’s most iconic hotels, is delighted to continue its partnership with Debrett’s, the acclaimed authority on etiquette, influence and achievement, which has been held in the highest regard since John Debrett launched the first edition of The Peerage in 1769. 

Over select dates throughout September 2017, The Lanesborough and Debrett’s will offer two new programmes: Young Achiever Essentials and Professional Finishing School, following the success of The British Way last year. The new courses will offer curious young minds and enthusiastic professionals just starting out the chance to learn essential skills associated with the working world, including how to make a good impression, dining etiquette and dress codes. Guided by a Debrett’s expert in the grand surrounds of The Lanesborough, the two-day programmes include an overnight stay at the hotel and are available to 12 - 25 year olds in search of the ultimate preparation for the professional world. For those looking for just a taste of timeless tradition, the Open Group Afternoon Tea allows an insight into the history and tradition of the quintessential British afternoon tea. 

Debrett’s Young Achiever Essentials (12-16 years) – Aimed at students, this course prepares young people for social and professional situations so they depart with an improved ‘natural style’
During this two-day course, young people will gain the confidence and skills to make a great impression and demonstrate their best selves, whether in social situations, at school, in interviews or when applying for work experience. On day one, attendees will learn everything about greetings, conversation and small talk, as well as elevator pitching, how to present yourself and how to create a video CV . This is followed by a session on vocal impact and communication – encouraging confidence in how to speak in any situation, including on the telephone. 

Day two tackles dining etiquette followed by a digital etiquette session to help delineate the pitfalls and possibilities of an online presence, break down the impact of social media, managing an online reputation and how to navigate personal relationships in the evolving digital landscape. The course concludes with a session on understanding cultural differences and international etiquette in a social context. All taking place at The Lanesborough, the course aims to leave attendees with an improved ‘natural style’, increased awareness of their digital footprint and their own personal development, as well as greater confidence in speaking in social situations and dining challenges. 

HOW:  Debrett’s Young Achiever Essentials includes lunch, refreshments and an overnight stay at The Lanesborough and costs from £2,985 for room and breakfast for two, and a single participant on the Debrett’s course. 

Debrett’s Professional Finishing School (17-25 years) – Preparing enthusiastic, aspirational school leavers and graduates for their first taste of the working world
This two-day programme equips young professionals with the essential skills involved in securing a job and excelling once in position. Covering aspects such as interview skills and business correspondence, the programme arms those looking to progress in the working world with a crucial skillset, allowing them to tackle anything that professional life presents. Day one takes things back to the basics of first impressions and covers professional introductions, personal polish, how to make small talk and how to become a valuable brand ambassador. Key interview practices are confronted, including introductions, body language, how to manage nerves, elevator pitching, and tackling phone, Skype, one-to-one and panel-style interview situations. Networking and ‘netiquette’ are next, exploring how to network on and offline, building new connections and how to work a room to optimise opportunities and nurture relationships. 

On day two, young professionals will learn the correct forms of business correspondence including letters and professional emails. Next, taking place in The Lanesborough’s Michelin-starred restaurant Céleste, attendees will tackle the intricacies of formal dining etiquette and dining challenges. This is followed by a special international etiquette session, teaching the understanding of cultural differences in a business context. The day concludes with a session on dress codes for social events and business dress, business travel, and personal versus professional style. Building on their natural style, attendees will explore the subtleties of interaction ensuring that they always make a strong and lasting first impression, ultimately enhance their interview skills in order to navigate any selection process and gain a deeper understanding of the science of professional interaction and the art of cross-cultural communication. 

HOW:  Debrett’s Professional Finishing School includes lunch, refreshments and an overnight stay at The Lanesborough and costs from £2,985 for room and breakfast for two, and a single participant on the Debrett’s course. 

Time for Tea – a Traditional ‘Guide to Afternoon Tea’ at Céleste to be enjoyed by groups, guided by a Debrett’s Expert
Following the success of 2016’s ‘A Guide To Tea’, The Lanesborough and Debrett’s have made the 90-minute course more accessible by now allowing groups the chance to experience one of the most timeless British social pastimes and gain an expert insight into the history of tea, why it became one of the most beloved British traditions, and how best to enjoy it properly. The experience is a fun and immersive opportunity to enjoy tea at Céleste whilst gathering tips from the top on etiquette. From a Debrett’s tea specialist, guests will learn about Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, who is credited with first making ‘Afternoon Tea’ into a formal social occasion in 1830, as well as how to host guests for tea and the best way to enjoy quintessential accompaniments such as scones – all within the Regency splendour of The Lanesborough. 

HOW:  ‘A Guide to Tea’ costs from £195 (excl. VAT) per person, and is bookable over select dates in summer 2017: 8th & 9th / 15th & 16th September.

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