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Wanup reveals diversity in business travellers

Glance Hotel, Florence
Europe’s largest independent hotel loyalty club handpicks hotels following internal study on frequent travellers
When we think of travelling, we think of rest, pleasure, adventure but the reality is that most people who travel, do it for work or business. For some the loneliness of hotel rooms, cancelled flights and back to back meetings can are a rather unpleasant experience however, there are those who see travelling as a perk of the job and feel extremely privileged to see the world through their job.

Following an internal study Wanup, Europe’s biggest loyalty club for independent hotels, discovered that business travellers were in fact extremely diverse in their needs and categorised them into groups -  the luxury, the time-limited, the digital and the leisure.

In addition, Wanup also commissioned a recent study of 1000 UK travellers and discovered that two thirds of those who of travelled for business identified value for money and location as a key priority when booking a hotel. The remaining third looked for design and style in their accommodation. The majority of business travellers chose warm and welcoming staff as the most important thing about their hotel experience which shows that many, but not all, look for a home from home when away for work.  

In recognition of this diversity Wanup selects hotels that work for each group to make sure they get the most of their stay, be it a slice of culture between meetings or healthy 24-hour room service that can be tucked into after a late working day. With a total of 500 hotels to choose from and 610,000 members to serve, Wanup has selected the best city hotels for each type of business traveller.  

Best for the luxury traveller...Glance Hotel, Florence
This type of traveller works in multinationals or big companies where money isn’t an issue and all of their needs must be met. They always travel business class and stay in luxury hotels in order to receive a continuous and personalised service, for this reason they’re often very loyal to their hotel of choice.

The advantages that they most enjoy and value in an establishment are its modern facilities and executive services such as dry cleaning. Glance Hotel meets these needs with its elegant interiors and stylish rooftop pool, the property has stunning views of the city. Just ask the concierge for tickets to exclusive exhibitions and gallery openings.    Best for the leisure traveller…Hotel Georgette, Paris
The traveller that combines work and leisure is the most frequent. More than half of business travellers always put aside a few days for rest and sightseeing in their destination, a growing trend known as b-leisure. This profile is independent and enterprising, and always chooses central hotels to make the most of the highlights of the city, such as going shopping or exploring the tourist sights. For this reason Hotel Georgette is the perfect choice being only a five minute walk from the Pompidou Centre, full of cultural delights to enjoy during downtime. 

  Best for the digital traveller…The Building, Rome
The digital traveller transmits all of the moments of their business trip via social media, while at the same time using apps to meet people in the city where they’re staying. They are the new generation of frequent travellers, young entrepreneurs and people that see business trips as another opportunity that their job offers them.

They travel in economy class and choose boutique hotels with free Wi-Fi as an indispensable requirement because it’s extremely important for them to be constantly connected and keep working. With stylish and contemporary interiors, the hotel is located near to the central station making it accessible to all and a great choice for those extending their trip to other European destinations.

  Best for the time-limited traveller…Catalonia Magdalenes, Barcelona
The time-limited traveller is the type that has to run all over the city because of their busy schedule and therefore put high value on their moments of leisure. They travel in business or economy class depending on the circumstances because their job requires flexibility when the moment comes to plan trips. They have very little time to enjoy gratifying experiences, and for that reason they choose hotels with services such as a gym or swimming pool to make up for their busy working day. Furthermore, they usually choose establishments near airports or trade fairs and conferences.

Staying at Catalonia Magdalenes means that the time-limited traveller can at least enjoy a sunny terrace and pool during the small moments they have to spare.

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