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The Residence by Cenizaro launches new Musicstyling moments

The Residence by Cenizaro
Luxury hotel group, The Residence by Cenizaro, is all about stimulating the senses – through design, lighting, scent and now, through music. The four luxury hotels in Mauritius, Zanzibar, Maldives and Tunis, are taking guests on a sensory journey as they step foot inside in the hotels. 

Each hotel has worked in collaboration with leading music consultancy, Musicstyling, to create bespoke soundtracks that capture both the essence of The Residence by Cenizaro and a sense of place.  As guests enter the resorts, the sounds and music evoke emotions and help guests turn those special holiday moments into lasting memories.     

Musicstyling prides itself on creating authentic and thoughful environments, tailoring soundtracks to each client or individual hotel or space.  For The Residence by Cenizaro it has put together a compilation of more than 1,000 individual tracks that capture the diverse atmosphere and mood of each location and ensure repetition is kept to an absolute minimum.   

The bespoke music soundtracks include a selection of Asian, Mediterranean and European influences, creating a chic and sophisticated soundscape that carries across all resorts.  Specfic tracks include Saphire’s ‘Zest’, an Asian lounge track with a bright and bouncy tempo and Almadrava’s ‘Distancia Del Mar’, which combines romantic Spanish lyrics with a gentle acoustic guitar overlay that helps to accentuate an overridingly romantic atmosphere. The acoustic sounds also complement the fresh sun filled air, lush jungle flora and seascapes – creating moments guests will be able to relive upon return to the UK.  

Each property will have its own unique aural footprint.  For example  at The Residence Maldives the tracks will echo the sounds of the wind and water travelling over the expansive Indian Ocean attols, whilst at The Residence Mauritius the music will complement the elegance and sophistication of its heritage.  Musicstyling’s aim is to create an exotic melange that will remind guests of their Residence experience and capture the romance and feeling of escapism, two emotions at the very heart of The Residence by Cenizaro.

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