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Intelligent Breakfast at Pullman London St Pancras

Honestly Healthy founder Natasha Corrett
Pullman London St Pancras, located just minutes from King’s Cross St Pancras, is launching its ‘Intelligent Breakfast’ menu in partnership with Honestly Healthy founder Natasha Corrett. The menu, comprising of five nutritious dishes and two energy-boosting smoothies, are made from rare, specialist ingredients and will be available to guests from January 2016.

Working with Pullman London St Pancras Head Chef, Michael Penn, Natasha has created a breakfast menu that caters for the cosmopolitan Pullman guest to fuel brain activity and function.

Dishes including a chia and turmeric omelette, Plum and kuzu compote breakfast pots and a series of brain-boosting smoothies will be available to guests and anyone who has breakfast at Golden Arrow and are the perfect combination of wholesome ingredients to get creative-juices flowing and keep the mind sharp.

“Pullman, St Pancras is delighted to have worked with Natasha on this exciting project. Working with Natasha has allowed us to give guests, and indeed anyone who wants to start their day with food that not only makes them feel great but will fuel their brains to perform better during their busy days. They say that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and we have worked with an expert to really create an important and Intelligent Breakfast menu.” Jonathan Sheard, Senior Vice President of Operations, Luxury & Upscale Hotels, UK & Ireland.

“I am excited to have been asked to create the Intelligent Breakfast for Pullman St Pancras. Starting the day on a healthy foot is vital to increase brain productivity and raise energy levels in order for you to work and live at your optimum health. Introducing guests and residents to new healthy ingredients is the perfect way to entice people to try new things to make them feel fantastic.” Natasha Corrett, Founder Honestly Healthy.

‘Intelligent Breakfast’ will be available to order from The Golden Arrow and the Business Playground at Pullman London St Pancras from January 2016, and includes:
- Chia and Turmeric Omelette – Filled with Omega-3 and energy boosting chia seeds, blood sugar regulating cinnamon and antioxidant super-food turmeric. £10.95
- Green Teff Pancakes – Made with alkalizing greens and topped with freshly cultured kefir yoghurt, one of the strongest probiotics to feed the body and protein-packed mushrooms. £11.50
- Banana Coconut Oil Muffins – Containing no sugar or gluten, bananas provide the perfect level of sweetness, whilst the coconut oil boosts brain productivity, available as part of the breakfast buffet.
- Plum and Kuzu Compote & Bircher layered Breakfast Pots – The Asian seaweed, Kuzu, is an excellent natural thickener that provides nutritional benefits for digestion, available as part of the breakfast buffet.
- Teff & Millet Soda Bread – Teff provides high levels of iron and dietary fibre, alongside significant levels of other minerals; producing gluten-free soda bread that is highly nutritious, available as part of the breakfast buffet.
- Ultimate Morning Greenness Smoothie – A delicious blend of spinach, papaya, pear, chia and flax seeds, spirulina and coconut water, designed to kick start your morning, available as part of the breakfast buffet.
- Acai Smoothie - Garnished with bee pollen for extra crunch, this energy-boosting smoothie is filled with bananas, cucumber, mango and acai powder, available as part of the breakfast buffet.

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