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Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, Morocco reveals new identity

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, Morocco has unveiled a new logo, “a new step forward for the Resort.” Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort has been welcoming guests for over five years, and has always innovated new experiences and offerings to delight guests during their stay.

The Resort continues to firm its place as the leading Family, Business, Golf, Wellness and Casino getaway in Morocco. The new logo illustrates a modern vision and ambition for the future. The contemporary design highlights the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort branding, focused on guests who are looking for off-the-beaten-track wellness getaways, in an exclusive setting.

The design inspiration for the new logo originates in the creative and energetic swell of ocean waves that brought Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort to the Atlantic Coast. The wave-shaped “M” is reminiscent of Moroccan handicrafts, as well as the deep roots of Arab-Moorish values and legacy introduced at the Resort.

The new typography Trajan was inspired by columns in Rome, and is evocative of iconic buildings, including the spectacular Italian historical site. Sea, sun and art are the foundations of the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort identity and distinctive character.

Correspondingly, the five colours used to depict the Family, Business, Golf, Wellness and Casino segments were chosen from a wide range of vibrant shades, in the spirit of ever-renewed experiences on offer at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort.

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