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Cycle the Tour de France Route at Terre Blanche, Provence

Cycling at Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort
Located in the heart of Provence Côte d’Azur, Terre Blanche is the perfect destination for cycling. The area is well-known for its famous roads that transport you with varied relief from the authentic Provençal landscape to the Mediterranean coastline. In 2013, the Tour de France crossed Fayence during the 5th stage from Cagnes-Sur-Mer to Marseille and in 2014, Fayence welcomed the 6th stage of the famous Paris to Nice cycling competition.

From family trips to professional cycling, Terre Blanche offers routes within the region for those who wish to discover the province by road bike or mountain bike. From April, the hotel will be offering four routes for experienced cyclists and one for less experienced riders, all of which users can track via QR Code, downloadable on iPhone though Google Maps, the Runtastic apps or a Garmin watch.

For professional cyclists:
• Discover Saint-Raphael: From the Saint-Cassien’s lake to the coast of Cannes, this itinerary is a perfect way to discover the charm of the Provençal nature and the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline. We recommend you to have a break in the pretty town of Saint-Raphaël, where white houses continue to dot the landscapes with Italian pines. Saint-Raphaël is a lovely coastal destination, which has maintained its tradition of warm hospitality since the 19th century. Approximately 4 hours, high difficulty, 98 km, steep gradient: 1217 m.
• Cannes and La Croisette: Renowned worldwide for its annual movie Festival, Cannes is a splendid venue. This cycle circuit will lead you from the authentic nature of Pays de Fayence with the glamour of La Croisette. Approximately 5 hours, medium difficulty, 80 km, steep gradient: 285 m.
• From Grasse to Cannes: Discover the Cannes inland countryside by going through the historical towns of Grasse, Valbonne, Mougins and Le Cannet. Approximately 7 hours, high difficulty, 115 km, steep gradient: 570 m.
• St Cassien’s Lake: This lovely ride will lead you on the country roads, along the Saint-Cassien’s lake to the little lake of Malpasset and its old dam. This circuit is recommended for athletes. Approximately 3 hours, high difficulty, 44 km, steep gradient: 307 m

For families/less-experienced cyclists:
• A Little Country Track: Shorter than the previous one, this circuit is ideal for families, however still off the beaten track. Approximately 1h30, easy difficulty, 19 km, steep gradient: 342 m.

The hotel’s concierge provides a range of bikes for guests as well as additional guides for specific requests.

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