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Middle Eastern visitors benefit UK hotel industry

Middle Eastern travellers spend the most to visit Britain, paying an average of £174 per night on hotel rooms

Visitors from the Middle East are helping to boost the UK hotel industry, forking out an average 67% more per night for hotel rooms in the UK than the average national rate of £104.  According to data released in the latest™ Hotel Price Index™ (HPI®), travellers to the UK from the region paid an average £174 per night on accommodation in 2014, making them the highest paying visitors to the UK, even though this rate reflected a 5% fall from the £183 paid in 2013.

While Middle Eastern tourists were certainly well ahead, other nations also paid significantly more than the average national rate. Mexico came second in the list of top international spenders travelling to the UK, spending an average £143 per night after a 5% increase, with Brazil and the US not far behind on £137, showing a 2% fall and 2% increase in their previous averages respectively.

The destinations showing the highest increase were Spain and Italy, both increasing 8% to £108. Overall, the most generous Europeans were the Russians, who came in eighth place with £133 after a 6% increase. Latin America had the most representatives in the top ten, more than any other region, with Mexico, Brazil and Argentina all featuring – showcasing two of the five fallers in with a 2% fall and 3% fall in average hotel prices spent respectively.

The report showed that hotel prices paid by international visitors were on the rise in 2014 compared with 2013, with 23 of the 30 nations analysed paying more last year than in 2013. Poland came in last place in the top spenders list, with prices rising 2% from £89 to £92.

Carolina Annand of the brand said, "The UK is still able to interest international travellers across the globe to visit out culturally vibrant cities. With global events including the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup being hosted in the UK during 2014, it is clear travellers had plenty to witness while visiting. The overall price rise – and continual encouragement from Middle Eastern travellers - is good news for the UK hotel and tourism industry. With the pound ever increasing in strength against different currencies, we predict 2015 could see a further rise in average prices paid by inbound travellers."

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