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Steigenberger Hotel Group the only travel branch brand to be named a "Top Superbrand"

Steigenberger has joined such illustrious names as the German Football Association, Bayern Munich and Adidas by becoming one of only 52 German brands from a total of more than 1,250 to be awarded the accolade of a "2014/15 Superbrand" by a 27-member jury comprising well-known personalities from the fields of trade and industry, the media, the universities and agencies. The criteria on which the award was based were brand dominance, customer loyalty, goodwill, longevity and overall brand acceptance.

Independent economic experts and media research institutions were on hand to help the jurors in making their selection, whilst companies were not permitted to nominate themselves for an award.  

At a special tribute event staged at the Journalists' Club in the Axel Springer Building, the Steigenberger Hotel Group was one of the proud recipients of a Top Superbrand Award.  

Marc Bator, a newsreader for the television station SAT 1, was one of the jurors: "A brand is like a good friend. It inspires, invests and emotionalises. Brands sometimes need to challenge, but they must always create proximity." Bator went on: "The movers and shakers behind a brand require courage, plenty of courage. And a product which fulfils the brand promise. In my view, this is how brands become Superbrands."  

Elke Schneiderbanger, Managing Director of Advertising Sales & Services at the German state broadcaster ARD, stated that a Superbrand must "possess a high degree of emotional charisma which speaks to both the mind and the heart."  

And Carsten Baumgarth, Professor of Marketing at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, summed up matters as follows: "Superbrands emerge from genuine brand orientation, not from blind customer focus. Every strong brand has its foundations in self-conviction and honest values rather than being a result of knee-jerk reactions and rash fulfilment of customer wishes."  

His jury colleague Dietmar Heffner from the news broadcaster N24 added: "A Superbrand comes into being when advertising becomes reality."  

Puneet Chhatwal, CEO of Steigenberger Hotels AG, proudly commented: "This is the perfect honour and motivation for our entire team of more than six thousand colleagues at over 100 hotels. Every day, each one of them contributes towards achieving our brand charisma and an enormous level of customer loyalty. This is precisely what makes us the 'Steigenberger My Family'. It is a great boost to us to be seen as being on a par with the German Football Association, Bayern Munich and Adidas."

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