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Follow the Fizz - The world's only "hidden" mountaintop champagne & caviar pop-up

asis: Pop-up Champagne bar presented by The Little Nel

Oasis: Pop-up Champagne bar presented by The Little Nell

Founded in 2012, Oasis is the world’s first pop-up champagne and caviar bar. Operated by The Little Nell, Oasis roams around Aspen Mountain via a snowcat, much like an on-piste version of a big city food truck, serving a regal combination of Veuve Clicquot and California Caviar.

Oasis sets up shop on Friday – Sunday afternoons. It changes settings each weekend and can be easily spotted with Veuve’s signature yellow umbrellas, chaises-lounges and solar-powered sound system.  

“Because Oasis may be gone as quickly as it appears, it compels you to experience it, or risk missing the opportunity,” describes Ted Mahon, a long time ski instructor. “It’s not about having a drink - it’s about spontaneity, and living in the moment.”  

For exact times and locations of Oasis, follow The Little Nell on Twitter and Facebook and look for posts with these details.

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