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Enjoy state of the art pampering with brand new Aromatherapy Associates at Princesa Yaiza

Away from the routine and stresses of everyday life, a little indulgence does not go amiss. The beautiful Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort in Lanzarote offers guests the ultimate comforts, particularly with their beautiful spa, which is now proudly offering treatments from leading luxury brand, Aromatherapy Associates.

A true example of high-quality pampering, Aromatherapy Associates specialises in combining the very finest natural ingredients, pure extracts and the most luxurious essential oils to create soothing products and treatments that harness their natural healing powers. Experts within the industry, Aromatherapy Associates have endless experience with essential oils and their effects. Focusing on how they actively enhance people’s physical, mental and environmental wellbeing, Aromatherapy Associates provide natural healing and pure indulgence.  

The beautiful, award-winning products and treatments are now available, for the first time, at the beautiful Princesa Yaiza. The hotel is the first in the Canary Islands to work with this beautiful brand. Boasting an array of exciting treatments, the brand is a welcome addition to the already impressive Thalasso Spa.

Enjoy an Intensive Muscle Release treatment, a deeply restorative 60 minute treatment to help soothe tight, sore muscles. After too many hours at a desk or a hard session in the gym, this is the perfect treat. The treatment combines stretching and draining movements with essential oils known for their great benefits for the body’s circulation. An exciting infusion of black pepper, rosemary and ginger warm the muscles and encourage better circulation, leaving guests feeling looser and calm. Calming lavender is the final step, leaving guests wonderfully soothed.  

Muscle Release: 60 minute treatment costs 95€
For those who struggle to sleep, the spa offers a powerful head-to-toe massage that induces a feeling of total relaxation. Rich, earthy essential oils such as vetivert, camomile and sandalwood have wonderfully grounding effects on the body, while neuromuscular and Swedish techniques balance the nervous system and steady a busy mind. Guests are sure to leave any worries behind upon entry to the spa, as this treatment offers complete tranquillity.   

Sleep Deeply: 120 minute treatment costs 142€
With welcoming and highly professional staff, the Thalasso Spa is the perfect space to escape from the outside world. With couples’ treatments available, guests can enjoy a romantic pampering session on their honeymoon. Even children are catered for, with mini pampering sessions so that little ones can experience the magic behind the enthralling spa door.  

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