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New Spa Rituals to launch at the Skiathos Princess Hotel

Enter a whole new world of relaxation at the Skiathos Princess Hotel’s beautiful Harmony Spa where, for 2014 they are enhancing the luxurious Mediterranean experience and launching a number of NEW Spa Rituals. Available to guests at both The Skiathos Princess Hotel and The Aegean Suites, choose from a set of three relaxing and indulgent programmes including Anti-Ageing, Beauty Day and Anti-Stress. Designed to complement the focus of healthy living, each individual programme has been tailored to ensure a truly blissful state of well-being with effective long lasting results.

Anti-Ageing Spa Ritual - Turn back time with this intensive four hour ‘Anti-Ageing’ programme. Choose between a 60min personal training session with a qualified instructor, who will prepare and present a bespoke routine ensuring the most effective work out possible, alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, why not choose the Pilates or Yoga session. Suitable for all ages and abilities, these sessions are designed for those starting their Pilates journey, looking to improve their downward dog or to master more advanced moves. After working on the body beautiful, sink into a blissful two hours of rest and relaxation in the Harmony Spa. Take advantage of the luxuriant wet rooms followed by a deeply soothing massage and facial treatment. The’ Anti-Ageing’ Spa Ritual Programme is priced at €180.  

Beauty Day Spa Ritual - Rejuvenate and recover with a day of pampering. The ‘Beauty Day’ programme is a full day in the spa, consisting of three hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. The programme includes 60mins of relaxation in the exotic wet rooms - a welcome relief for tired muscles. This is then followed by a 60min massage (of your choice), which has been designed to sooth aches and ease away tension, ensuring full body beautification and relaxation. The day of pampering continues with a 60min bespoke facial to illuminate and brighten the complexion (tailored to guests depending on skin type and any problem areas).  The top-to-toe beauty session is completed with a manicure & pedicure, ensuring a flawless finish.  The ‘Beauty Day’ Spa Ritual Programme is priced at €140.  

Anti-Stress Spa Ritual - Restore balance to your mind, body and spirit with the ‘Anti Stress’ programme. This ritual starts with either 60mins of Yoga or Pilates designed to align mind and body, creating a natural state of equilibrium in preparation for complete relaxation. A therapeutic 60min massage eliminates toxins and melts away tensions, providing an exceptional sensory experience. The 60min facial therapy which follows is a truly bespoke experience that focuses on radiance and purification and that is designed to combat signs of stress, invigorating and restoring skin to its naturally beautiful state. The ‘Anti-Stress’ Spa Ritual Programme is priced at €120.

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